WOD 16th June Deadlift Testing

This is only going to be a short session as I need to put tonights Crossfit London to practise.

Firstly some Front squats.

Something I haven’t done for a while is heavy squats of any kind.

For anyone who has seen me you will have noticed a larger bump which is now getting in the  way of my squat depth. Frustrating but it’s only for a few more weeks!

It also makes balance a bit more tricky as my centre of gravity is shifting almost daily so no sooner have I got used to it for it to change again!

I used the ball beneath me to help guide me to a reasonable depth and as I was alone I used the cage for safety.

Next I set up a heavy bar for deadlifts.

When I say heavy I am talking about taking my 5 rep weight and knocking a bit off.

So for me I set my bar up at 45Kg

I needed a blue box to step up on to and I was set.

25 Deadlifts

25 Step ups

3 Rounds

The point of this was endurance in an aim to improve and build muscle without having to lift very heavy and still get benefits.

This idea of high reps is kinder to the central nervous system, recover and fatigue.

For most of the rounds I was breaking it up into 10-12 reps, in the last round 6-8’s.

I found this a mentally challenging WOD as I am always used to working Deadlifts in sets of 5.

I am not saying I would like to do them in high reps all the time but once in a while to mess it up wont hurt.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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