WOD 18th June Jumping in with Colin

I had an early Pt client at Crossfit London this morning. It’s always a good way to start the day.

It was a beginner session, an introduction to the wonders of Crossfit.

I finished the session just as Colin was about to start setting up for his 10.30 class WOD. So what the hectic while I was there I may as well join in!

The WOD was a load of Sumo-deadlift High pulls. The prescribed weight was 30Kg and pre-pregnancy that was just what I would have done but looking around at the other girls set up which was 25Kg I thought I had better stay with the pack.

I am finding that now I need a bit of encouragement to lower the weight and slow down.

It’s the competitive streak in me!

The WOD comprised of 5 rounds of sumo-deadlift high pulls and Ring dips in the rep range of the 3 times table.

It went like this…..


I stormed through this WOD in 10 minutes and a few seconds.

I could have quite easily done heavier but that shall just have to wait another 12 or so weeks.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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