WOD 20th June Training Solo

I used to find training alone quite therapeutic.

My music blasting out.

But these days its a task to gee myself up.

This morning was no exception, it never helps that it’s a Monday morning to boot!

Any-who it was Front squats for strength today.

In the cage I went and followed a few warm up sets with first just the bar and then 2 sets adding weight.

I used the ball again for my depth guide and found a few light stretches inbetween sets nice on the joints though not holding the stretch for longer then 8 seconds.

It can be bad for a pregnant womens joints and ligaments to over stretch!

The WOD I was programming for tonight at Crossfit London was of my own making.

I wanted to work to moves that worked on moves that were poles apart and as I hadn’t had a Push Press in a WOD for a while it was an obvious starting point.

I wanted a challenging weight for the rep range of the Push press so prescribed weight for men is 42Kg and Women 30Kg.

A move which I love for many reasons, one being the way it works your heart rate into a frenzy with a high rep range is the Clean.

So there you have the WOD

The Push press and hang power clean.

When I tested this out I completed it in 7 minutes 40 seconds

Not bad for over 6 months pregnant!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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