WOD 21st June As Many Rounds As Possible

After a very early Pt session I rocked up to see Chris at 8am.

I am really getting into the swing of early morning sessions. I will miss them when the baby is born. (I will be taking some time off from work and training- though I do have a plan)

I think my body is getting conditioned the early hours!

Getting on with the hard work ……

Chris had us working through some mobility with some band dislocations and some stretching before setting us up for the strength program of Push Press.

Push Press
Push Press

3 working sets of 5 after a few warm ups.

I had a good 3 minute rest in between sets and  racked the bar with 40Kg.

While resting we worked on driving through our heels to maximise hip power and speed.

Chris then took us through a met con to finish off the session.

AMRAP of 15 minutes

8 Knees to Elbows (of course I didn’t do K2E I just did hanging baskets)

Hanging Basket
Hanging Basket

9 Push Ups

10 Swings

I managed 10 rounds in the 15 minutes. I worked at my pace, which was a bit slower then the rest of the pack but hey at this point in the pregnancy who cares.

I had to take care when performing K2E as I had to focus on bracing my tummy and sucking the baby in.

An abdominal exercise like this where the abs are not flexed or over extended but are kept neutral is just right for pregnancy as it doesn’t encourage separation of the abs. – crucial for getting your tummy back post-natal.


Sally  Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

8 thoughts on “WOD 21st June As Many Rounds As Possible”

  1. What are your plans for exercising after the birth? Are you planning on taking the first six weeks off afterwards?

    1. Hey Sophie Hope your well and your bump is growing.
      Thinking about taking a break is a tough one.
      Part of me thinks why break, its the natural competitor in me. I am sure though that I will want and need one. I know that I wont be rushing to do any ab curls or exercises for that matter! But being a pt means I have a cupboard at home full of kit from kettlebells to pull up bars, skipping ropes and boxing pads. I can see myself doing the odd home workout using just body weight and some of the kit at home.
      I defiantly wont be going mad though!

  2. Hi Sally,
    Obviously it will depend on how the individual pulls up after the traumas of child birth, but for me I was comfortably and safely able to return to light training after only a few weeks. Exercising was a big part of my life before my pregnancy and has continued to be so, both during the pregnancy and now that my little girl has been born (she’s 5 months now). I don’t think that I rushed back into exercising and I was cautious of certain exercises while my pelvic floor was weaker. I believe that the stock standard 6 weeks rest / recovery then light short walks that a doctor prescribes is probably best for someone who did little to nothing beforehand, but if you had a good level of fitness beforehand your body will recover quicker and you can go off how you feel.

    1. Thanks Kate it’s good to hear your experience. It makes sense that a fit women will be able to exercise sooner. I couldn’t imagine 6 weeks of nothing!!! But that doesn’t mean I will rush back either.
      How long did it take before you felt normal again?

  3. I’d say by 3 – 4 weeks there was no more ‘heavy’ feeling in my pelvic region (doctors warn you about a ‘heavy’ feeling in your pelvic area while performing physical activity, as it could be the onset of a prolapse. But stitches from an episiotomy will also cause this feeling). I had separation of my stomach muscles (following advice from my obstetrician I did no abdominal strength work during my pregnancy) and this has been the slowest thing for me to get back to pre-pregnancy level. Now at 5 months I still would not be able to do heavier ab exercises such as floor wipers. But other than that I have been pleasantly surprised at how quick I’ve gotten my fitness back.
    Through my pregnancy (after the sickness and fatigue subsided in the first trimester) I generally followed the crossfit mom website (http://www.crossfitmom.com/) and towards the end of the 3rd trimester I was mainly just swimming, as I was huge. My baby girl was born at 9.3lb!!

    It’s really great to be able to read what other pregnant ladies are doing during their pregnancies and share experiences.

    1. Wow That sounds like a big baby! Worth it I am sure. Again it is lovely to hear your positive experiences with exercise especially as you are post-natal (the otherside!)
      Where do you train? Would you like to write a post for my site maybe with some top tips for coping with the first few days after birth and what to expect when starting exercise again?

  4. Hey Sally.. for sure, would love to write a little post on my own experiences. Shall I email it to you when it’s done? My husband and I have our own gym set up at home, with all the equipment needed to ‘get the job done’. This has made it easy for training now as a new mum too, as I just put my little miss in her jolly jumper 🙂
    It’s a great training environment too, as we have a small group of friends and family that come over and train with us. I should probably also mention that I live in Queensland, Australia!
    Will get the post written up and emailed to you shortly. What is the best email to send it to?

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