WOD 22nd June Easy Day

I am resolved to having easy days from now on!

Today was my easy day.

I just wanted to keep it light and simple.

For strength I wanted to focus on Deadlifts. Unlike having 3 working sets of 5, the plan for today was to build up to one really good working set using 4/5 warm up sets to hit the working weight.

I needed a decent warm up though.

I wanted to work my hamstrings in preparation for the heavy deadlifts, single deadlifts were just the ticket with swings to stretch out the muscle and power cleans just for the fun of it.

I decided on the rep range 21-15-9 repeated twice, one for each leg.

So that is


Swings , Power Cleans and Single leg Deadlifts

Actually quite a taxing warm up for me!

I have adjusted Power clean and deadlifts to make space for my growing bump as my usual position is not the most comfortable.

Next on to my Deadlifts.

I did 5 warm up sets progressing nice and slowly up to a working set of 70Kg.

It was nice to be able to work up slowly as it meant I focused on my technique and really driving through my heels.

After an easy day today I am looking forward to a bit more intensity tomorrow.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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