WOD 23rd June Wake up!

This was never intended to be a training day as such but after an early start and a truck load of chores by the time my evening shift was under way I was feeling knackered!!!

I had missed my usual nap today and boy was I feeling it.

After a Pt session Jeff rocked up to the 5.30  Crossfit London class.

It was meant to be a class of 4 but bad weather or laziness meant it was just me and him.

So after taking Jeff through a pt style snatch clinic session, where we worked on his technique getting a better understanding of the movement and getting a PB! (PB- Personal Best)

Well done Jeff.

I asked him if he minded me joining in the WOD as I knew it was the only thing that would be a sure-fire wake up call.

He was cool with that so here it goes……….

AMRAP 15 minutes

20 Over-head lunges 10Kg Dumbell

7 Hang power snatchs 15Kg Dumbell (this is ok for me as I can control how close it gets to my belly)

All of this was done on the right ad left arm.

The lunges should have been walking but for me I made them on the spot as it gave greater control of my hips.

Rather then being the kind of WOD that gets you really breathless and crazy, this was more of a mind over matter.

Having your arm locked out overhead followed by snatches should be used as a form of torture!

Say that I enjoyed being able to snatch for once and not being afraid of hitting my belly.

After this I felt ready to continue in long night teaching.

There is nothing quite like a Crossfit Wod! Whoop Whoop.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.


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