WOD 24th June Going for it!

Today was my day for going for it.

I had just done two relatively easy days and was full of beans.

I was following Steve’s programming today which meant my strength was to be Front Squats!

I set up my rack, made sure I had my trusty ball for a depth guide and begun my warm up sets.

3 warm ups with the bar and adding some weight then for the working sets. Love it!

I have noticed that my stance for squats has got a tiny bit wider and I mean only a tiny bit.

That tiny bit makes a big difference as to how comfortable the depth of the squat feels.

That and the ball under my hips to encourage a good reach back meant that I was on fire.

My squats felt solid and so did I.

I reached 50Kg for the working sets, managing to get out 7 reps in the last set. I think the next time I hit a front squat I might sneak on another 2Kg.

The hard work though was still to come.

Steve had programmed Diane, a workout I had done a few weeks back.

I knew what weight I was using -50Kg and for the Ring dips a red band with a second red band if I needed it as back up.

Diane for those who don’t know is.


Deadlifts and Ring dips.

This is essentially a strength workout. I probably could have been a bit heavier as I didn’t really need to break down the  second and third sets of deadlifts.

At least it meant I got a decent time!

Ring dips in this are the hardest part. Especially as my weight keeps rising!

I went head to head with Ameilia on this one and we smashed it in 7 minutes! Whoop Whoop


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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