WOD 26th June Nancy

Boy it was a hot night!

It meant that I tossed and turned even more so, but hey I am going to stop complaining just in case it frightens the sun away again!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sudden turn in the weather.

With that in mind I must have know the weather would have changes as this was the first day in a while I have programmed a block run. Time to work on your tans!

I had to give this a test run so with the help of Ben and Christian this morning (and yes if you weren’t up at 7.30 it was still baking hot at that silly time) we started our morning with some simple hip warm ups and mobility.

We then had to drag out some plates to use as a box as today was box squat day!

Box squats are a great way to get the most out of your hips. By halting the movement mid range and asking the hip to explosively extend you find this has a great carry over to your squat strength workouts, aiding a sticking point to be overcome!

If you haven’t done them before you simply reach your hips back in a controlled way  to find the box. You take a seat on the box but don’t lose tension!

Then you drive back up the squat with as much force as you can extert.

This exercise is done at around 50% of your 1 rm. We performed 2×10 sets and gave our-self a good minute rest in between sets.

For a met con workout today I programmed for my Crossfit London classes Nancy.

This does include running so for me I sub-ed with rowing.

Nancy is 5 rounds of

400m Run/row

15 Overhead squats

I used 25Kg for today which was plenty of work on my wrists!

I guess in a way I am surprised by how much I can still push myself.

I have scaled for sure and still find that that is work enough.

My baby kicks me all the time so I know I am not doing anything wrong and if anything has made he or she a tough little thing as doctors say the heart beat is very strong.

I am sure I have a Crossfitter in the making!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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