WOD 27th June Team Building

Another early Pt session meant I was able to jump into Chris’s 8am class.

The class was unusually female dominated, poor Eric had to put up with me, Helen and Patricia.

Chris had us warming up with a few simple drills -high knees, jog backwards, side stepping.

Next on the cards were Front Squats.

3 working sets of 5,5,5+

After having spent yesterday working on box squat technique. Reaching the hips back. I made sure to focus on reaching and keeping my elbows high.

Each week my belly is getting bigger and bigger.

With the size I am losing the ability to brace through my truck efficiently. This is driving the weight down in my squat.

I am also decreasing my depth.

Main thing is though that I am still doing what I can do.

Following the squats Chris set up the WOD.

We were in teams. Obviously Boys v’s Girls.

Since there was only Eric for the boys it meant that Chris had to join in.

The WOD went like this…



200 Push Press 30Kg

100 GHD (gulte, hamstring developer) back extention.

50 Pull ups

GHD Machine
GHD Machine


300 Push Press 20Kg

150 GHD (glute, hamstring developer) back extention. -For me though I did a few hanging baskets.

75 Pull ups

A hanging basket A hanging basket

I didn’t have my camera today so I have inserted a picture of Ben doing an awesome Hanging Basket.

I think this will be my last time doing hanging baskets as I didn’t feel comfortable. I did only 30 reps before stopping and letting the other girls take over the reps.

The aim of the game was to total up in your team the amount of reps for each exercise.

Only one person is able to work at one time. There is no set breakdown as long as you accumulate the reps.

It was fun to work as a team, it almost didn’t feel like work.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach



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