WOD 6th June – 60 sec Max day.

After feeling poorly for what felt like ages…well only a week.

I am back to life and back to training.

Today I tackled deadlifts for strength.A few things have changed for me though.

I have gained a little more weight since before I went to Thailand and grown a bit more to my bump. My baby is moving a lot more and I just don’t feel able to lift heavy weights right now. I guess what I am trying to say is that my pregnancy is starting to slow me down again.

Previously I found 65kg no problem for me to deadlift.

Today 60Kg was a challenge.

I completed 3 working sets 2×5 and 1×5+

I wont be pushing myself to hard from now on.

My third tri-mester is starting and rest and other things become priority.

For the WOD today I was sill incorporating some strength in the form of push ups and ring dips.

5 Rounds of

60 sec Max Ring Dips – 60 sec  rest

60 sec Max Push ups – 60 sec rest (I did my push ups with my hands on a box as before)

This is a 20 minute WOD that quickly becomes challenging if ring dips or push ups are not your strong point.

For once the Push ups were my strongest move!

A nice teaser back into the swing of things.

With no holidays left just work and preparation we shall see how far I can continue with training and what else may need scaling?

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London coach


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