WOD 9th June Trevor does……..

Still standing in for Chris this morning I was up early teaching the 7am lot at Crossfit London.

I was feeling a bit tired today after a string of early morning classes followed be trawling round Oxford Street looking for all the right bits for the baby. It’s been exhausting!

At 8am Trev, a Crossfit London trainee heading in to take over the teaching.

Trev is always so full of beans I thought I can’t not take part in his class, so I stayed.

Following my morning program Trev took me, Helen and Jan through a warm up of arm circles, squats and presses (using a light bar)

He then had us Push pressing for strength.

Using our routine of 5,5,5+ and instead of using a rack we cleaned the bar into position.

The WOD sounded mean but in actual fact was a nice grinder through some pull ups and push ups all very strict!

The format was a ladder.

10 Push ups -1 Pull up and so on till your doing 1 Push up and 10 Pull ups.

Like I said we kept it strict, chest to floor or in my case chest to box height and using little or no band support.

I am really not enjoying pull ups due to my increasing weight although Trev spurred me on, telling me how when he lost 3Kg his strict pull ups really improved!

Bring on September! Thanks for the encouragement Trev!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach.

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