WOD 29th July I will slow down nxt week, Promise!

This morning was a blurry one. My eyes hurt from lack of sleep and I was feeling particularly grumpy.

I arrived at the gym and checked out the board for today’s class.

As I was taking it all in Steven came over to suggest that if I took part today then only the met con would be do able as all the skill work was jumping.

No problem I could let my tired eyes wake up a little move as I guided John and Simon through the skill of jumping in various forms.

Before I could get started on the skills Steven said to me Sal it’s time to slow down, make the step ups 6/8 reps and only do 3/4 rounds!

For me I find it’s hard to slow myself down. I am one of these people who needs to be told!

The problem is if I see it written on the board 5 rounds then I feel like I am cheating if I don’t do all 5 rounds!

Silly I know!

Steven left and I begun to take John and Simon through the skills.

Jumping was something I did enjoy training, it sometimes is all about courage to jump a little bit higher and of course use a bit of arm swing to project yourself!

On to the met con.

Box Push ups
Box Push ups

It was 5 Rounds of

10 Deadlifts @ 50% 1 RM

10 Push ups

10 Box Jumps (in my case step ups)

Again my wide stance Deadlift
Again my wide stance Deadlift

As I started the rounds as I got to my step ups I had of-course forgotten I was slowing down and smashed out 10 step ups.

I gotta say I find step ups really manageable, it’s about rhythm.

By round 3 and knowing I was a whole round ahead of the boys I couldn’t stop myself I had to finish all 5 rounds!

Sorry Steven I will take it easy from now on. Lets call today one final flurry!

I used 50Kg for the deadlifts and had my usual box for push ups.

I finished in 6 minutes 27 seconds!

Needless to say I was a lot less grumpy after that.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

BLOG Snoopy’s Cocoon Pictures Pt 2

Cute little nose!
Cute little nose!

Just in case some of you are not aware,  me and my husband Adrian have nicknamed the baby Snoopy.

It’s all because I joked one day that I liked the name Snoop and so it has stuck.

Anyways on Wednesday this week  we had our second appointment at the London Ultrasound Centre.

If you have read the first installment you will have seen that Snoop doesn’t like having his/her picture taken and tries to hide.

We were hoping that this time we would have more luck.

I made the journey alone today as Adrian was working, no problem…after asking a kind policeman I finally found the right street.

Navigation not being my strong point!

After a short wait in the plush Harley Street waiting room I was called in.

Fingers crossed.

I lay on the bed with the jelly on my belly, looking at the screen waiting for the picture to become clear…….

Bloody baby sitting awkward again, Snoopy must have known what was going to happen as a little smile crept onto his/her face.

The details you can pick up on the 3d scans is extraordinary.

You could clearly see the lips moving and the nose wriggling. Little fingers curling into a fist and opening again!

I had a different sonographer today. She told me to stand up and jiggle my hips and gently move my tummy to see if that would help.

Nope Snoop still had a hand up to his/her face and this time was sucking the back of his/her hand.

It was amazing to see and although it wasn’t this pictures we were looking for we still saw some really cute movements and expressions from the baby.

We tried one more time to move the baby, maybe going to the toilet would help.

This time we did manage to get a quite nice profile picture of Snoop sucking a thumb.

I suddenly thought if baby’s can open their eyes in the womb could we maybe catch that on the scan.

Jenny the Sonographer said that although it does happen to catch it on a scan is quite rare!

And almost as if Snoop had heard me the eyes opened for a moment and then closed.

For the remainder of the scan Snoop opened his/her eyes a few more times just to show off.

I must have a special little baby in there!

After the scan is finished you have the choice of waiting for the package of pictures and dvd or having them sent to you.

Of-course I waited.

It was lovely to see my baby, it has made me that much more excited. I can’t wait to meet Snoopy.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


BLOG Braxton Hicks Who?

Braxton Hicks in a nutshell are contractions/cramps.

They can be felt anytime after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

They were named Braxton Hicks after the English doctor who first described them in 1872.

There is no need to be alarmed by them as another name for them is practise contractions of the uterus.

Some women will never experience them while some find they feel them often.

They are meant to be painless! They are like mild cramping, but for some they find them very uncomfortable.

My experience with Hicks was of discomfort!

I have had them on and off since about 6 months into the pregnancy. They have been very mild and after about 30 minutes go away.

That was until last week when I was woken at 6.30am with what I can only describe as a very strong period cramp in my tummy.

I tried changing positions but that didn’t seem to shift it so at about 9am when I could take it any longer I woke Adrian my husband and told him we needed to go to the shops!

Maybe a walk would help.

A slow walk to the shops seemed to ease the discomfort but they were still there in the background.

Back at home I started cooking to distract me. I had decided to cook up a pot of comfort food in the shape of a beef stew, dumplings and all.

Still not completely gone I had a hot shower and prepared to get on with the rest of the day. I had a Crossfit written exam to do. This was not going to be fun sitting an exam with contractions to distract me!

I managed to get through till 5pm trying to ignore them and then as quickly as they had come over me they were gone.

Why didn’t I panic about the Hicks well I knew they were too mild for real contractions and although they lasted all day long it seemed, they never got closer together or any stronger.

There are a few differences with Hicks and Real Contractions. Here are some of them.

                                                               Hicks Contractions                                           Real Contractions

Contractions don’t get closer together. Contractions do get closer together.
Contractions don’t get stronger. Contractions do get stronger.
Contractions tend to be felt only in the front. Contractions tend to be felt all over.
Contractions don’t last longer. Contractions do last longer.
Walking has no effect on the contractions. Walking makes the contractions stronger.
Cervix doesn’t change with contractions. Cervix opens and thins with contractions
If you find yourself like me struggling to shift them here are a few pointers to ease them.
Take a hot bath or shower.
Try to change positions.
Unlike the chart above stating walking doesn’t effect them, I did find it eased them a bit for me personally. Give it a go!
Practise Breathing techniques.
Most of all don’t panic try to relax.
If you do become at all worried or they suddenly get stronger and closer together then phone your mid-wife immediately!
Any stories about the Hicks???? Leave your comments and stories below.
Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 27th July Pistols at Dawn

When I say Pistols I don’t mean the shooting type, I mean the one-legged squat type!

They are an exercise I haven’t done in a while so think its high time I gave them a go!!!

Before hitting the pistols I was in the mood for some kettlebells.

A few rounds of Snatches and overhead kettlebells should do the trick.

3 Rounds of

5 Snatches

5 Overhead Squats

5 Overhead Lunges

Both right and Left

Overhead Squats always feel a little bit awkward, there is a degree of rotation to keep stable but the principle of reaching the hips back is still there.

Warmed up I was eager to see how pregnancy had effected my Pistol form.

Pre-pregnancy I was performing them on a box, standing on top and getting a good range of movement.

Standing on a box on one leg was not sounded appealing to me right now!!

Also my change in centre of gravity meant that I would be very heavy descending into the pistol, this mean I need some support…..

I decided on a bench to lower on to. I tried with just the height of the bench and quickly found that it was too low for me as I could barely stand up!

I used an ab mat to raise the height of the bench slightly.

The WOD was a short sharp assault on the body, a mix of pistols and DB squat clean thruster!


The reps were split between both left and right legs meaning 11 each, 8 each and finally 5 each side. 22-16-10 Squat Clean Thruster!

Preparing to explode from the hips!
Preparing to explode from the hips!
Landing the Squat Clean
Landing the Squat Clean

I used 7.5 Kg Dumbells and finished this in 7 minutes.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

BLOG Second Day Modelling

Today was my second day with Lynne Robinson.

Another day walking in Kate Moss’s shoes as a model.

I knew the drill this time so when I arrived after a cup of tea I was into make up with Marie.

We talked about other work she has done for magazine shoots, all very glam in my view. There is too much sweat in a Crossfit gym to need make up!

I am not sure I would enjoy being a model full-time. It was fun for a couple of days but the reality of it is that you spend a lot of time hanging around waiting for the photographer to set up and then he has to focus the camera and check the lighting while you hold a particular pose (can get quite awkward at times).

I was talked into and eased into various Pilates positions, which for me are very alien! Years of Olympic lifting hasn’t made that an easy task!!

Lynne was very patient with me. She is a lovely lady with a very warm personality. It seems that she is more of a big deal then I first thought as a couple of the models used today were Pilate teachers and seemed a bit star struck around Lynne. I guess a Crossfit equivalent would be Greg Glassman or Coach Burgener!

My day finished at 6pm. I was a very tired bunny after a full days shooting, sleep was needed!

Before I left Lynne thanked me and gave me a copy of one of her books she had spotted me reading. She handed it to me after signing it giving me a big hug.

Lynne's Book
Lynne's Book

This is just one of her books. She has done 18 books in total!

Thanks again Lynne, was great working with you.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 25th July A Long One!

Weekends are always hard to wake up from, I always find myself saying nooooooo when the alarm goes off first thing at the crack of dawn!

Today was no exception. I pulled myself out of bed and packed myself off to Crossfit London to teach my 7.30am class.

I had a bit of a long one planned for this morning. Most of the WOD’s recently have been quite short sharp doses!

I only had Rita and John this morning so I decided to work along side them.

The workout includes a run so making sure they knew the 400m route was the first thing in mind. I walked them around the course!!! I am off running these days.

Once back in the gym I used the next 15 minutes to drill squat cleans. Practise was focused on landing low and a quick direction change.

After a few sets with PVC’s and naked bars John and Rita worked up a few sets of 5 with more weight to see if they could still get the depth required for a good squat clean.

I wasn’t sure how long the programmed WOD would take today (I knew it wouldn’t be a 10 minute jobby at least!) So I wanted to give max amount of time.

The WOD went like this………

5 rounds of

400m Run (I did a Row)

20 Deadlifts

My very wide stance Deadlift
My very wide stance Deadlift

(My Stance is wide to accommodate the baby bump!)

20 Push ups (My push ups were off a box)

Off the box
Off the box

10 Deadlifts

10 Push ups

In total this is 150 Deadlifts and 150 Push ups!

Clearly the weight needed to be manageable! Technique is key.

Prescribed weight is 55-65Kg for men and 35-45Kg for girls.

Quickly this workout got to you! It was either the run or the push ups which was disliked the most!

My time for this WOD was 33 minutes and 33 seconds. I used 40Kg.

It will be interesting to see how the Monday Night Crew tackle this!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

BLOG 4D Cocoon Scan of Snoopy

Today was an exciting day for me and Adrian we had booked a 4d baby scan at the London Ultrasound Centre on Wimpole Street W1.

We booked the scan because we were impressed with scans we had seen of other peoples baby’s and were curious to see what Snoopy was doing in my tummy.

I also had my own reason, which is completely irrational but I am sure I am not the only one who has thought this.

I think as the birth date gets closer I keep having thoughts of an alien life inside me wriggling around. It has been a while since the last scan at 24 weeks and somehow I needed this to set my mind at ease.

Crazy you don’t need to tell me!

The scan wasn’t booked till 12.50 in the afternoon but Adrian and I wanted to have a special day together as very soon days like this would be harder.

The day stared with brunch at a place not far from our flat called the Albion.

It’s a bit posh for a cafe as they bake their own bread and all that,  it was meant to be our day so what the heck!

After our tummies were full we set off to Liverpool Street station to catch the tube to find that there were lots of line closures and even worse the central line platform was backed up with a sea of people!

Hanging around for the crowd to clear we were pushed from all directions, which put Adrian into protective mode.

It was so sweet as he put his hand over my tummy and guided me through the mass of people to a quieter spot.

What a good Dad he is already.

Finally the crowd thinned and we were able to catch a train.

I have to thank the kind people that throughout the day gave up their seats for me on the tubes we took. It just shows that chivalry is alive.

The centre wasn’t too hard to find as it was only a short walk from Bakers Street. It was in one of these beautiful large houses that if you were to buy would set you back millions!!!

After filling in a few forms it was time for the scan. We were really excited by this point.

The scan starts pretty much like the other scans we had. She showed us that the baby was growing well and took measurements, which I might add were fine. All present and correct.

Next the Sonographer frames the baby’s face and at the click of a button the image become a lot more life like.

We could see our baby’s face!

We could see chubby little cheeks and at one point a little yawn.

The only problem was that Snoop had a hand over his/her face.

This meant that the picture wasn’t the best it could be so after trying to move Snoop by changing position and gently tapping my tummy we were told to take a walk and see if that would move him/her.

After a coffee and a walk we were back to try again.

Still Snoop was in a funny position!

Awkward baby!

In cases like this the clinic re-book your appointment for another day at no further cost in the hope that next time the baby plays ball!

So I will be returning to Wimpole Street on Wednesday next week to see if we can get a better view.

In the mean time we did get to see part of Snoop’s face and have this picture to look at till then.

Can you make out Snoops eye, nose and mouth?

To be continued…………………


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 22nd July Getting cosy with DT

Early Morning are getting even earlier for me as Snoopy (a nickname for my baby bump) is waking me at silly times in the morning.

I am surprised that I am still able to train at some kind of level!!!

Rest assured I will be letting Snoopy know of all the early morning wake ups and sleepless nights!! I am sure of more to come when Snoopy is actually born. Who would think that it would have such an effect on sleeping patterns befroe it’s even arrived.

Sleeping aside I had a busy class to teach this morning. It is always nice to have a big class in the morning as it keeps you on your toes.

The program for them today was DT. A nice little 5 rounder barbell complex.

I love my Complexes so I was always going to try this out after the class.

Prescribed weight for this one was 45Kg for ladies.

In the nature of slowing down and my weak wrists I used 30Kg. I think thats more then enough at this stage!!


5 Rounds of

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

Snoopy seriously getting in the way of a good DL position!
Snoopy seriously getting in the way of a good DL position!

Anyways off I started in my own world, music blasting!

I think about 3 round in I thought ‘how many rounds have I done so far?’

I think about 3 round in I thought ‘how many rounds have I done so far?’

I couldn’t remember so in total I did either 5 as required or 6 just to cover my back.

I did get this done quite quickly, which is a sign it should be heavier weights for me but hey I am slowing down for a bit!


Sally is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 21st July Just a Quick One.

Phew this day is going so fast and I still have so much to do.

I need more hours in the day please….a few more at night would help also!!!

Testing out tonight’s plan for the Crossfit London crew.

When I devised this workout I was thinking Volume!!!

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 15 Minutes.

4 Back Squats

4 Pull ups

4 Ring Dips

4 Overhead Squats

Ring Dips
Ring Dips

Weights to be used for this will vary from 20Kg – 30Kg for girls and 35Kg-50Kg for the boys.

Wrist ached by the end of this workout but I am expecting that these days from overhead work. Just gotta keep it light.

In 15 minutes I got 8 rounds out at 30Kg.


Salyy Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 20th July 32 weeks and Counting!

Tomorrow I will be 32 weeks pregnant. It feels like only yesterday I was holding a pee stick in my very shaky hand!

I feel like I am almost there with the preparation. We have the room sorted and the equipment and toys. I have magazines on parenting overflowing in my toilet, (where else would you store good reading material!)

My training has slowed down, I am well and truly on the way to having this baby.

I took a rest yesterday and had a well deserved lie in after a very busy Monday. It did mean I was up bright and early today for a Pt client at Crossfit London.

Lindsay one of the ladies I have been training does really well putting up with me first thing in the morning. I am probably not as chatty so early, which means no distraction from the workout at hand.

6.30 is a great time to start the day!

Following Lindsay it was time for the 7.30am class where it was only me and Alex.

In store for today after a hamstring warm up we were deadlifting, working up to a set of 5.

We gave ourselves 4 warm up sets progressing the weight in increments.

I have made one big change to my deadlift and that is my stance is a lot wider. I need the extra space for the bump to sit in.


My stance is not the only thing that has changed. Although I am in a safe position in the photo above, my hips are a little higher then I would usually like to accommodate the bump, which means though I am bracing I could probably pull my lumbar (lower back) in further. All this just means that although I can drill the moves at a moderately heavy weight I can’t go near max’s.

Anyways today we hit one working set of 5 and packed away to prepare for the WOD.

It went like this……..

3 Rounds of

15 Burpees

15 Front Squats 35Kg

10 Pull ups

Pull ups with a blue band and a small red one!
Pull ups with a blue band and a small red one!

Just to explain again that my version of a burpee is now a push up on a box and a step up.

I am quite pleased though that despite all the weight gain have been able to keep up with the kilo’s and have got back down to just a blue band and sometimes like today a little more help with a small red one!

I got all my 3 rounds done in 11 minutes and 16 seconds Whoop!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach