BLOG 4D Cocoon Scan of Snoopy

Today was an exciting day for me and Adrian we had booked a 4d baby scan at the London Ultrasound Centre on Wimpole Street W1.

We booked the scan because we were impressed with scans we had seen of other peoples baby’s and were curious to see what Snoopy was doing in my tummy.

I also had my own reason, which is completely irrational but I am sure I am not the only one who has thought this.

I think as the birth date gets closer I keep having thoughts of an alien life inside me wriggling around. It has been a while since the last scan at 24 weeks and somehow I needed this to set my mind at ease.

Crazy you don’t need to tell me!

The scan wasn’t booked till 12.50 in the afternoon but Adrian and I wanted to have a special day together as very soon days like this would be harder.

The day stared with brunch at a place not far from our flat called the Albion.

It’s a bit posh for a cafe as they bake their own bread and all that,  it was meant to be our day so what the heck!

After our tummies were full we set off to Liverpool Street station to catch the tube to find that there were lots of line closures and even worse the central line platform was backed up with a sea of people!

Hanging around for the crowd to clear we were pushed from all directions, which put Adrian into protective mode.

It was so sweet as he put his hand over my tummy and guided me through the mass of people to a quieter spot.

What a good Dad he is already.

Finally the crowd thinned and we were able to catch a train.

I have to thank the kind people that throughout the day gave up their seats for me on the tubes we took. It just shows that chivalry is alive.

The centre wasn’t too hard to find as it was only a short walk from Bakers Street. It was in one of these beautiful large houses that if you were to buy would set you back millions!!!

After filling in a few forms it was time for the scan. We were really excited by this point.

The scan starts pretty much like the other scans we had. She showed us that the baby was growing well and took measurements, which I might add were fine. All present and correct.

Next the Sonographer frames the baby’s face and at the click of a button the image become a lot more life like.

We could see our baby’s face!

We could see chubby little cheeks and at one point a little yawn.

The only problem was that Snoop had a hand over his/her face.

This meant that the picture wasn’t the best it could be so after trying to move Snoop by changing position and gently tapping my tummy we were told to take a walk and see if that would move him/her.

After a coffee and a walk we were back to try again.

Still Snoop was in a funny position!

Awkward baby!

In cases like this the clinic re-book your appointment for another day at no further cost in the hope that next time the baby plays ball!

So I will be returning to Wimpole Street on Wednesday next week to see if we can get a better view.

In the mean time we did get to see part of Snoop’s face and have this picture to look at till then.

Can you make out Snoops eye, nose and mouth?

To be continued…………………


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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