BLOG A Crossfitting Doula

For anyone who is not aware of what a Doula is, it is someone who you can hire to assist you in child birth.

I first heard about them when I took my course in pregnancy exercise, but today after the 10.30 Crossfit London class was over I introduced myself to a visiting Crossfitter called Julie from Virginia USA.

She asked me how the pregnancy was and was intrigued by how crossfit effected it and how much you could continue training.

I told her a little of my story to which she told me how she was a doula and had only started crossfit a few months ago.

As we continued to talk I realised we had similar views on birth and crossfit.

I don’t think I have blogged this yet but after reading a book about labour and finding out that contractions lasted for 60seconds to 90 seconds my first thought was “if I can do some of the most horrible crossfit WOD and get through it then I can do contractions”

That might sound funny to some but if you have experienced crossfit in it’s true ferocious form then you will be familiar with what it means to get through a WOD.

You just have to keep saying to yourself “just one more Round”

That is how I get through WOD’s and that is how I will deal with Labour!

And I wont be told any different.

When I have explained this to my non-crossfitting friends they have told me that I am crazy to have that attitude but at last today I met Julie who shared and reinforced my view that if I can do crossfit I can do contractions!

Thanks Julie.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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