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Today I have just come back from Barkantine Birth Centre where Adrian and I were able to look around and ask questions.

We arrived at 10am with 4 other couples. The waiting room was comfortable with a television and some toys for children to play with.

There was all the usual medical information posters you would normally see in such a centre on all of the walls expect one.

On this wall were photos.

Photos of all the babies born at the centre and there happy parents. There were so many cute chubby faces up there.

I suddenly felt butterflies in my tummy, our chubby little faced baby would soon be here!

Finally the tour started. It was explained that after 36 weeks we would have a mid-wife appointment at the centre.

This would be to make sure that we were still a low risk pregnancy.

If there is any risk then the Birth Centre can not take you in.

We were taken into one of the rooms. All of the 5 rooms have a similar lay out.

They were more like posh hotel suites!

There was a double bed with a side table set with a stereo you could use, even an ipod connection. A wide screen tv, comfy sofa and dimmer lights.

In one corner was the birthing pool, there were two connections for gas and air, by the bed and by the pool.

Double beds and balconies!
Double beds and balconies!
Swiss balls and Pools
Swiss balls and Pools

Of-course an en-suite bath and shower room and the best bit a balcony!!

Could you ask for more?

Apparently yes as one of the other couples asked if  there was wi-fi?

Not yet was the answer.

Adrian and I were suitably impressed.

If that wasn’t enough we were taken into the communal kitchen where you found cereals, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, the works.

Feeling peckish? Then help your self to the fridge where meals would be supplied and warmed for you.

At the end of the tour we were asked if we would like to have our baby at the centre.

The answer was naturally YES Please!

Having the tour and getting to know the layout and the way the centre works has made me feel a lot more relaxed.

It is important to have a good feeling about a place, just like you would if you were buying a house or looking at schools. It has to have a good feel about it.

Barkantine defiantly ticked the boxes for us.

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