BLOG Ropey Posture Time

Now is the time when posture becomes a big issue.

For some of us it may even come sooner as it depends on how big our bump gets and the size of our boobs!

Pregnancy has a very obvious influence on posture as the growing bump shifts our spine into a more lordotic position. (Lordotic = curve in the lower/lumbar spine region)

The second main influence is breast size. As they grow they can cause the shoulders to round and slump forward giving the back a very rounded appearance. This is called Kyphoise (= Rounding of the shoulders and upper back/thorascic spine region)

Bad Posture -Check out the lower back and shoulders!
Bad Posture -Check out the lower back and shoulders!

Even the head juts forward !

There is not much we can do about this but be aware of it and try to correct it where possible by standing tall and proud.

Good posture habits will help with any pregnancy related back issues you may get during the pregnancy.

Try to imagine you are stacking yourself.

Pelvis – neutral (its like a bowl of water that you are trying to keep the water level.

Torso stacked on the hips following natural curves of the spine. resist the temptation to stick your tummy out even more as this will only exaggerate the problem.

Shoulders – Pull up back. Be proud of your pregnancy and push out your chest!

Finally, Hold your head high!

Best Posture I can do!
Best Posture I can do!

Sometimes you are going to slouch when we know we shouldn’t, we have gained a lot of weight and our bodies have changed so much.  All we can do is the best we can and be aware of how we hold ourselves.

Hope this helps.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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