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Today was my second day with Lynne Robinson.

Another day walking in Kate Moss’s shoes as a model.

I knew the drill this time so when I arrived after a cup of tea I was into make up with Marie.

We talked about other work she has done for magazine shoots, all very glam in my view. There is too much sweat in a Crossfit gym to need make up!

I am not sure I would enjoy being a model full-time. It was fun for a couple of days but the reality of it is that you spend a lot of time hanging around waiting for the photographer to set up and then he has to focus the camera and check the lighting while you hold a particular pose (can get quite awkward at times).

I was talked into and eased into various Pilates positions, which for me are very alien! Years of Olympic lifting hasn’t made that an easy task!!

Lynne was very patient with me. She is a lovely lady with a very warm personality. It seems that she is more of a big deal then I first thought as a couple of the models used today were Pilate teachers and seemed a bit star struck around Lynne. I guess a Crossfit equivalent would be Greg Glassman or Coach Burgener!

My day finished at 6pm. I was a very tired bunny after a full days shooting, sleep was needed!

Before I left Lynne thanked me and gave me a copy of one of her books she had spotted me reading. She handed it to me after signing it giving me a big hug.

Lynne's Book
Lynne's Book

This is just one of her books. She has done 18 books in total!

Thanks again Lynne, was great working with you.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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