BLOG Snoopy’s Cocoon Pictures Pt 2

Cute little nose!
Cute little nose!

Just in case some of you are not aware,  me and my husband Adrian have nicknamed the baby Snoopy.

It’s all because I joked one day that I liked the name Snoop and so it has stuck.

Anyways on Wednesday this week  we had our second appointment at the London Ultrasound Centre.

If you have read the first installment you will have seen that Snoop doesn’t like having his/her picture taken and tries to hide.

We were hoping that this time we would have more luck.

I made the journey alone today as Adrian was working, no problem…after asking a kind policeman I finally found the right street.

Navigation not being my strong point!

After a short wait in the plush Harley Street waiting room I was called in.

Fingers crossed.

I lay on the bed with the jelly on my belly, looking at the screen waiting for the picture to become clear…….

Bloody baby sitting awkward again, Snoopy must have known what was going to happen as a little smile crept onto his/her face.

The details you can pick up on the 3d scans is extraordinary.

You could clearly see the lips moving and the nose wriggling. Little fingers curling into a fist and opening again!

I had a different sonographer today. She told me to stand up and jiggle my hips and gently move my tummy to see if that would help.

Nope Snoop still had a hand up to his/her face and this time was sucking the back of his/her hand.

It was amazing to see and although it wasn’t this pictures we were looking for we still saw some really cute movements and expressions from the baby.

We tried one more time to move the baby, maybe going to the toilet would help.

This time we did manage to get a quite nice profile picture of Snoop sucking a thumb.

I suddenly thought if baby’s can open their eyes in the womb could we maybe catch that on the scan.

Jenny the Sonographer said that although it does happen to catch it on a scan is quite rare!

And almost as if Snoop had heard me the eyes opened for a moment and then closed.

For the remainder of the scan Snoop opened his/her eyes a few more times just to show off.

I must have a special little baby in there!

After the scan is finished you have the choice of waiting for the package of pictures and dvd or having them sent to you.

Of-course I waited.

It was lovely to see my baby, it has made me that much more excited. I can’t wait to meet Snoopy.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


5 thoughts on “BLOG Snoopy’s Cocoon Pictures Pt 2”

    1. Thanks Sham. I can’t wait to meet the little one. Well excited.
      The wedding pictures look lovely. Bet you had an awesome day x

  1. everything is looking just fine and really happy for u xxxx
    so glad u have everything u want in life and continuing to work throughout xxx
    ur mum would be so proud of you as we all are xxxx
    ur an inspiration to pregnant women and mothers everywhere! xxxx
    love you lots and miss u loads xxxxxx

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