I have just got back from Blackheath where I alongside my good friend Emma we did our 10K Race for Life to raise money for cancer research.

It is becoming a bit of a habit now as we did the 5K last year together and thought what the heck lets do 10K next year.

So there we were among what looked like thousands of other ladies ready for action.

It was a warm day but we were prepared with a water bottle at hand.

After one last toilet break we stepped up to the starting line and off we went.

I would love to say we ran and got a great time but in reality I managed a little jog before the bouncing of the baby on my pelvic floor became too much.

Anyways who cares we just wanted to get round the course in one piece.

It was a great way to have a good gossip and catch up.

After 5Km the clock showed 58 minutes, we kept on walking!

Some ladies had jangly bells on while others had their dogs or push chairs and babies with them.

Everyone running with their pink label on, with messages for loved ones written on them.

A couple of ladies even had weights on around their ankles!

Wow I thought, You can have my weighted jacket if you like!

We must have picked up speed because as we reached the finish line the clock showed 1 hr 40 minutes.

Determined to run the last few 100 yards we picked up the pase as we ran past my Dad, sister and of-course my husband Adrian standing there at the finish line with 2 beautiful big sun flowers.

Sun flowers for my mum as yellow was her favourite colour.

She always said it was the colour that said Hello.

So we crossed the line as the clock ticked 1hr 45 minutes full of pride and elation at our achievement.

We had decided while gossiping round the course that next year we will run the 10K and get a great time because the following year we would do the big one!

The London Marathon!

My Just Giving page is still open with anyone would like to donate to a really worthy cause.



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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