WOD 11 July Just A Quickie

After all the excitement of the baby shower I was still pretty shattered this morning.

I should have hammered out a few split jerks but I feel my body is too tired for them so instead I do a quickie 15 minute AMRAP to keep the blood flowing.

Here is how it went.

AMRAP 15 Minutes of

15 Goblet squats 16Kg

Goblet Squat With 16Kg kettlebell
Goblet Squat With 16Kg kettlebell

12 Step ups

9 Ring Push ups

I gotta say I don’t like ring push ups! I know they are good for my stability but i found them soooooooo hard before I was pregnant and now they are even harder.

Ring Push Ups
Ring Push Ups

Because you have your grip on a set of ring it makes the push ups that much harder as you need to stabilise your shoulders and tighten your tummy ( which in my case is hard anyway).

I could not have done a full push up on the rings as it would have been far to much a pull on my mid section.

Trust me it was tough enough.

I got 6.5 rounds completed at my own slow little pace.

My speed has defiantly taken a dive recently but who cares….some people pregnant or not don’t push themselves!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach



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