WOD 15th July Back to work.

I have had a few days to myself since my last training session.

I have got to the point when fatigue is really going to slow me down. I think I have done well though to get this far.

Training from now on will probably become more sporadic but hey I only have a few weeks left.

2 days of recovery meant I was well up for it this morning.

Strength this morning was a push jerk.

Steve had a very different warm up to his usual today.

It went a bit like this.

On the minute every minutefor 5 minutes x 3

3x Clean & jerk (moderate weight)

2x Clean & Jerk (add more weight)

1x Clean & jerk (add more weight)

In total it was 15 minutes of work. I started at 30Kg and worked up to 50Kg.

To round up the strength section I finished with one set of Push jerks by themself.

Push Jerk with a bump
Push Jerk with a bump

Nice and heavy 5 reps. I stuck to 50Kg for this set.

The WOD today was an AMRAP of 15 minutes of

3 strict pull ups

6 presses

9 front squats.

I used 20Kg. This may seem light but trust me by 8 minutes in it certainly wasn’t too heavy.

For once the pull ups were the best bit as my wrists were still sore from tuesdays workout.

I managed 9 rounds in the 15 minutes. Not bad I thought.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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