WOD 16th July Colin is back in business.

My Saturday morning training sessions just haven’t been the same without Colin’s firm hand to guide me to blood, sweat and hard work.

(Colin doesn’t actually draw blood it’s just an expression)

I had a PT client which meant I jumped in for only the met-con part of the class.

Now I am tired I really appreciate working out with others as it really steps up my game.

Colin had prepared 3 mini wods with 2 minute resting period between them.

They went like this.

8 minutes AMRAP of

8 Push ups and 8 Hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket
Hanging Basket

When it came to the hanging baskets I took a slow road and place a box under my feet so that when extended I had support and wasn’t simply hanging. This proved to be a much more manageable scale of the move and meant that I could keep up.

We got a 2 minute rest after this! Thanks Colin!

Second up was…..

8 Squats and 8 Ring rows

With the ring rows I made sure that the lever was not going to over stress my core. I did this by putting a bend in my knees. Originally the squats should have been jumping squats but for now they are off the menu.

Another 2 minute rest!


8 Step ups and 8 Burpees

I had 3 boxes set up for this. A 24 inch box to step up on too. A larger box to do a push up on and a 18 inch box to step up again.

Let me explain my burpees are a push up and a step up = 1 burpee.

I managed to score 7.5 rounds followed by 9 rounds and finally 8 rounds.

Not bad!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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