WOD 20th July 32 weeks and Counting!

Tomorrow I will be 32 weeks pregnant. It feels like only yesterday I was holding a pee stick in my very shaky hand!

I feel like I am almost there with the preparation. We have the room sorted and the equipment and toys. I have magazines on parenting overflowing in my toilet, (where else would you store good reading material!)

My training has slowed down, I am well and truly on the way to having this baby.

I took a rest yesterday and had a well deserved lie in after a very busy Monday. It did mean I was up bright and early today for a Pt client at Crossfit London.

Lindsay one of the ladies I have been training does really well putting up with me first thing in the morning. I am probably not as chatty so early, which means no distraction from the workout at hand.

6.30 is a great time to start the day!

Following Lindsay it was time for the 7.30am class where it was only me and Alex.

In store for today after a hamstring warm up we were deadlifting, working up to a set of 5.

We gave ourselves 4 warm up sets progressing the weight in increments.

I have made one big change to my deadlift and that is my stance is a lot wider. I need the extra space for the bump to sit in.


My stance is not the only thing that has changed. Although I am in a safe position in the photo above, my hips are a little higher then I would usually like to accommodate the bump, which means though I am bracing I could probably pull my lumbar (lower back) in further. All this just means that although I can drill the moves at a moderately heavy weight I can’t go near max’s.

Anyways today we hit one working set of 5 and packed away to prepare for the WOD.

It went like this……..

3 Rounds of

15 Burpees

15 Front Squats 35Kg

10 Pull ups

Pull ups with a blue band and a small red one!
Pull ups with a blue band and a small red one!

Just to explain again that my version of a burpee is now a push up on a box and a step up.

I am quite pleased though that despite all the weight gain have been able to keep up with the kilo’s and have got back down to just a blue band and sometimes like today a little more help with a small red one!

I got all my 3 rounds done in 11 minutes and 16 seconds Whoop!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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