WOD 25th July A Long One!

Weekends are always hard to wake up from, I always find myself saying nooooooo when the alarm goes off first thing at the crack of dawn!

Today was no exception. I pulled myself out of bed and packed myself off to Crossfit London to teach my 7.30am class.

I had a bit of a long one planned for this morning. Most of the WOD’s recently have been quite short sharp doses!

I only had Rita and John this morning so I decided to work along side them.

The workout includes a run so making sure they knew the 400m route was the first thing in mind. I walked them around the course!!! I am off running these days.

Once back in the gym I used the next 15 minutes to drill squat cleans. Practise was focused on landing low and a quick direction change.

After a few sets with PVC’s and naked bars John and Rita worked up a few sets of 5 with more weight to see if they could still get the depth required for a good squat clean.

I wasn’t sure how long the programmed WOD would take today (I knew it wouldn’t be a 10 minute jobby at least!) So I wanted to give max amount of time.

The WOD went like this………

5 rounds of

400m Run (I did a Row)

20 Deadlifts

My very wide stance Deadlift
My very wide stance Deadlift

(My Stance is wide to accommodate the baby bump!)

20 Push ups (My push ups were off a box)

Off the box
Off the box

10 Deadlifts

10 Push ups

In total this is 150 Deadlifts and 150 Push ups!

Clearly the weight needed to be manageable! Technique is key.

Prescribed weight is 55-65Kg for men and 35-45Kg for girls.

Quickly this workout got to you! It was either the run or the push ups which was disliked the most!

My time for this WOD was 33 minutes and 33 seconds. I used 40Kg.

It will be interesting to see how the Monday Night Crew tackle this!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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