WOD 27th July Pistols at Dawn

When I say Pistols I don’t mean the shooting type, I mean the one-legged squat type!

They are an exercise I haven’t done in a while so think its high time I gave them a go!!!

Before hitting the pistols I was in the mood for some kettlebells.

A few rounds of Snatches and overhead kettlebells should do the trick.

3 Rounds of

5 Snatches

5 Overhead Squats

5 Overhead Lunges

Both right and Left

Overhead Squats always feel a little bit awkward, there is a degree of rotation to keep stable but the principle of reaching the hips back is still there.

Warmed up I was eager to see how pregnancy had effected my Pistol form.

Pre-pregnancy I was performing them on a box, standing on top and getting a good range of movement.

Standing on a box on one leg was not sounded appealing to me right now!!

Also my change in centre of gravity meant that I would be very heavy descending into the pistol, this mean I need some support…..

I decided on a bench to lower on to. I tried with just the height of the bench and quickly found that it was too low for me as I could barely stand up!

I used an ab mat to raise the height of the bench slightly.

The WOD was a short sharp assault on the body, a mix of pistols and DB squat clean thruster!


The reps were split between both left and right legs meaning 11 each, 8 each and finally 5 each side. 22-16-10 Squat Clean Thruster!

Preparing to explode from the hips!
Preparing to explode from the hips!
Landing the Squat Clean
Landing the Squat Clean

I used 7.5 Kg Dumbells and finished this in 7 minutes.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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