WOD 29th July I will slow down nxt week, Promise!

This morning was a blurry one. My eyes hurt from lack of sleep and I was feeling particularly grumpy.

I arrived at the gym and checked out the board for today’s class.

As I was taking it all in Steven came over to suggest that if I took part today then only the met con would be do able as all the skill work was jumping.

No problem I could let my tired eyes wake up a little move as I guided John and Simon through the skill of jumping in various forms.

Before I could get started on the skills Steven said to me Sal it’s time to slow down, make the step ups 6/8 reps and only do 3/4 rounds!

For me I find it’s hard to slow myself down. I am one of these people who needs to be told!

The problem is if I see it written on the board 5 rounds then I feel like I am cheating if I don’t do all 5 rounds!

Silly I know!

Steven left and I begun to take John and Simon through the skills.

Jumping was something I did enjoy training, it sometimes is all about courage to jump a little bit higher and of course use a bit of arm swing to project yourself!

On to the met con.

Box Push ups
Box Push ups

It was 5 Rounds of

10 Deadlifts @ 50% 1 RM

10 Push ups

10 Box Jumps (in my case step ups)

Again my wide stance Deadlift
Again my wide stance Deadlift

As I started the rounds as I got to my step ups I had of-course forgotten I was slowing down and smashed out 10 step ups.

I gotta say I find step ups really manageable, it’s about rhythm.

By round 3 and knowing I was a whole round ahead of the boys I couldn’t stop myself I had to finish all 5 rounds!

Sorry Steven I will take it easy from now on. Lets call today one final flurry!

I used 50Kg for the deadlifts and had my usual box for push ups.

I finished in 6 minutes 27 seconds!

Needless to say I was a lot less grumpy after that.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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