WOD 2nd July Time is going Fast!

Wow it’s July already. How time flies. Before I know it September will be upon me!

People keep saying to me “that time has gone quickly”

I guess for me it has and it hasn’t. There have been times when weeks have flown by and some weeks have dragged. I find the busier I am the better, but boy with being busy all the time fatigue doesn’t half creep up on you.

I found this out on Thursday when after rising from my bed for a mid-wife appointment at 10.30am, upon my return I laid my head on the sofa and was out like a light in minutes.

And there I stayed waking intermittently till 4.30pm!

Now that’s what I call a lie-in!

I clearly needed it and have left training to the back of my mind.

Well at least till today that is.

This morning I had an early morning pt session so as per I jumped into the 10.30 class, which today was taught by Kat a trainee instructor.

Kat worked us through a few reminder drills in preparation for the WOD before handing out a mini wod to warm us further.

The mini wod went like this.

On the minute every minute (OTMEM) for 5 minutes of

5 Hang Power Cleans

7 Push Up ( I was using a box as usual)

9 Air Squats

The last time I did OTMEM I just couldn’t keep up but this was much more manageable. If I remember correctly it was more body weight last time, which I find a killer.

Anyways this was a lovely way to kick off. You could imagine this as a full wod if you bumped up the time and rep range.

It was the main WOD I wasn’t looking forward to.

Having tried it previously and not enjoyed it that much my enthusiasm wasn’t great.

I understand the point of it as it drills into you technique and efficiency but it wont appear in my top ten.

What is it I hear you ask?

70 Push Jerks for time!

Yep you read it right a big fat 7 0 reps of heavy Jerks.

If that wasn’t enough for every time you dump the bar to the floor you must do one squat clean and a front squat!

The weight was prescribed at 60Kg for me and 40Kg for women.

It needed to be heavy. Heavy enough to force you into submition and get the right technique.

It may not be the most fun but serves a purpose.

I have to say I started with 40Kg but had to drop down after 25 reps to 35Kg.

The reps had to be broken down, there was no other way of getting through it.

Only the more you broke it down the more squat cleans and front squats you end up doing!

For me I hammered through this with gritted teeth in 13 minutes 37 seconds.

Give this one a try even though I have slated it you do get a feeling of satisfaction when you get to the end.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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