WOD 4th July The Day after Yesterday!

I gotta say that although I was only walking my Race for Life I still have found myself achy this morning as I got up to take a 6.30 Pt session for Alex.

I am putting it down to the fact that even though I took a steady pace and didn’t really notice too much of an uneven surface that it must have had an effect on my hips as that is where the aches are.

Thank goodness I didn’t try to run the whole thing like a mad women!

It’s another beautiful day out there but I am indoors after an early start and enough to be getting on with in the house.

I am also finding that being in good range of a toilet is a top priority as the frequency at which I go has increased ten fold as the weeks draw on.

Any how back to work………..

6.30 seems to agree with me these days so after a successful pt session, Alex did a lot better then he gave himself credit for, I put tonight’s program to the test.

Firstly I wanted to try a WOD I had seen on Crossfit Auckland site.

I scaled it slightly to make it a warm up and to incorporate a little Crossfit London magic into the mix.

This is how it went…..

Swings on the minute every minute for 5 minutes.

15 swings for girls and 20 for guys.

After each set of swings a STRICT pull up needed to be squeezed in.

Kettlebells have the great knack of warming you without taking to long about it.

It did the job.

We are now as a gym enforcing that drills need appropriate practise time to ensure beginners have a chance to refresh (along with hardened members) We can all do with the practise and with so many newbies coming up through the racks it’s even more important.

So since the WOD will include a hang power clean it was only fair that I went through a couple of drills and find my working weight before hitting my strength program of deadlifts.

We have adjusted deadlifts a bit to just 1 working set – but it’s got to be a good working set. We are allowing for more warm ups which I find works better for me then before.

I racked up 75Kg today. Taking it soft as I am achy!

The WOD needed setting up next.

15 Swings

10 Ring Dips

5 Hang Power Cleans

5 rounds in total.

The prescribed weight for girls is 24Kg and for guys is 32Kg.

It's only a 12Kg but it's hard enough Thank You!
It's only a 12Kg but it's hard enough Thank You!

I used 12Kg conservative I know but you gotta give me a break I am 7 months pregnant!



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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