WOD 6th July Barbell Complex Heaven

There are two things I love the most about crossfit.

1. Overhead Squats -you either love them or hate them.

2. Barbell Complex’s

Today I got to do both!

After having the day off yesterday I was ready for it

The warm up was simple.

A few dumbell thrusters and push ups. Sufficiently warm and after a few passovers for good measure I was ready for the overhead squats.

I shared a bar with Ben, kind of unsure I could keep up with him but I would give it a go.

This is after-all my favourite of all the squats.

We warmed up with just 15Kg then jumping to 25Kg and then 35Kg before settling on 50Kg as a working set.

It was heavy but do-able.

There was no way I was lowering the bar back down to my neck after the last rep. It had to be dumped on the floor.

I love the sound of a dumped bar! Whoop.

Ben and I finished 3 good sets of 5.

I have been playing around with the way I brace during lifts as I find that a baby bump doesn’t make for the greatest stabilization tool.

These are my top tips:

Stuck in and tighten up the mid section.

Imagine you have a belt around your waist, without releasing the pressure and air imagine you are pushing your abs out to touch the belt.

I have found this has really helped me. It shouldn’t just be used for pregnant women, it’s a great way of advanced bracing that can be used by all lifters.

Try it out.

Next on to my second favourite!

This was a juicy complex that looked innocent but had a cruel streak.

As per with complexes you need to keep the bar moving during the rounds. Any dropped bars were punished with 5 strict burpees.

On with the Complex…..

I used 25Kg for this WOD I took my strict press max and decreased it by 10Kg.

7 Deadlifts

6 Hang Power Cleans

5 Front Squats

4 Strict Press

3 Push Press

2 Push Jerks

1 Racked Thruster (lower form the PJ on to the top of your back -back squat and thruster)

7 Rounds in total.

The deadlifts were like a little warmer for the hamstrings while by the time you got to the presses you were thinking please let this finish!

I would normally go quite hard on any complex but today my plan was to get through without any penalties. I took around a minute to 30 seconds between rounds. I found this was enough to get me through but still work me hard.

Whoop Whoop, Bring on more like this!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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