BLOG 8th August Not Knowing How to Feel?

I woke up this morning not knowing how to feel? It’s a strange one for me today. I am full of emotion but yet I don’t know how to channel it, so I thought I might try to get myself straight by sharing it………

……….I don’t even know where to start I think my sister put it well on her poem blog.

Tomorrow is the 8th of August
Tomorrow is another day, another year, another moment I have lost with you.
Tomorrow is a reminder that you’re not here and you should be.
It has come around again, too fast to believe.
And still, too long ago was the last time we smiled together.
Tomorrow will be yesterday soon and we will keep moving on.
Forward without you: it’s hard but we try.
Tomorrow is another day, just a day in the long, long year,
Tomorrow will come and go but Muv, your memory is always here.
Caro Dixey 7th August 2011
I am trying my hardest not to get upset because I don’t want my baby to feel how sad I am and I don’t want to cry because that is not what my mum would have wanted.
I am trying to have a normal day and do the things  I would normally do, if I think too much I will surely cry so although a few tear have crept out while writing this post I am going to be the strong young women my mum taught me to be.
Me and my Mum
Me and my Mum


2 thoughts on “BLOG 8th August Not Knowing How to Feel?”

  1. What a lovely note xx You hit the nail on the head, I also lost my Mum and some days are much worse than others xx

    Please don’t worry about your little one feeling your sadness, we actually lost my Mum when my sister was pregnant and Freddie is the happiest, loudest and energetic little boy you could ever wish to meet! xxx

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