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Yesterday I had a rather unique personal training session to deliver.

Sometime last week I got a message from my boss Andrew at Crossfit London asking if I was available for a session at 3.30.

‘Of course I can’ was my reaction.

Reading the message further I realised it wasn’t just a PT session.

A journalist from Healthy magazine wanted to come down and find out what Crossfit was all about and do a write up.

Andrew proposed that we split the session in half to give an idea of how versatile Crossfit could be.

Andrew representing the over 50’s and Me and the pregnant lady!

During the week  running up to the session Andrew had a few emails from Cheryl (the journalist). From what we could make out Cheryl wasn’t exactly looking forward to working out, she had very little training experience.

This in mind we decided to go gentle on her.

Andrew took the first half of the session, running over the theory side of what Crossfit is and why it is different to other  exercise programs.

Andrew is very good at the talking bit. He always has a few good stories to help explain what is meant.

For the next 15 minutes Cheryl was in my hands.

With a Squat being the key to most of Crossfit’s movements it made sense to work on that.

Teaching Cheryl how to sit down!
Teaching Cheryl how to sit down!

Besides everyone can do with learning the safe technique of sitting and standing!

You may think ‘Huh I know how to do that already’  but as Cheryl found out there is a right and wrong way to do it to get the most out of your body.

Next up Andrew took the floor again to working on pull ups.

Andrew shows a pull up with a band.
Andrew shows a pull up with a band.

We weren’t looking to get Cheryl doing multiple pull ups straight out. We just wanted to show her how we would work towards that.

I think she was pretty cuffed at what she achieved in a short space of time, we may even see her in a class in the future.

We didn’t do anything special with Cheryl just because she was a journalist and writing a piece on us we just did what we would normally do.

The great thing about Crossfit is that it pretty much sells itself.

If you can get results with someone in 20 minutes imagine what you could do with more time!!!

We shall have to see what Cheryl really thought when the article is published.

Thanks Andrew for asking me to help you on this one.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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