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There comes a point in your pregnancy when you have to start learning all the practical bits.

This is where Ante-natal classes come into play.

They serve two purposes really and alongside the practical learning bit there is the social aspect where you meet other expectant mothers in and around your area.

Classes generally start at around the 26 week mark, you still have a fair way to go till  you pop and are probably over the initial excitement for you to take in all the mountains of information.

Classes in Tower Hamlets (my borough) are either as a full day session or broken into more manageable 2 hr sessions over 4 weeks.

I am never good at sitting still for too long and neither is Adrian so we opted for the the week by week class.

It almost doesn’t seen possible to get through all the information when you see it written down on the appointment letter and to be honest seeing it all written down in front of you makes it even more real, Ok so I know it’s real as I have a baby belly but I mean the thought of birth and breathing techniques!!!

Sessions are run by a community mid-wive. Our’s was called Ann. A larger then life lady who didn’t beat around the bush when it came to getting the details out. She kind of reminded me of my Mum.

My Adrian and Ann.
My Adrian and Ann.

We covered everything from healthy living to C-sections and pain relief to all sorts of massage techniques.

We had a short break of course in the 2 hr class which over the 4 weeks expanded from 10 minutes to a good 20 minutes as we all sat and gossiped about our experiences.

It is easy in this type of situation to relate to everyone in the group as we were all going through the same things.

One thing is for sure I met some lovely couples who I am sure I will be seeing more of.

A big Thanks to Ann for not sugar coating any of it and having good honest and frank conversations about the reality of what is to come. Adrian and I feel a lot more prepared, thank you.

I also want to wish everyone who took the classes with me the best of luck and hope to see you again soon.

Ante-natal Classes are a must and if your mid-wife hasn’t already referred you make sure to mention them.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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