BLOG Getting Cramp and Finally Slowing Down.

Last night topped all nights for difficulty sleeping.

Adrian’s alarm went off at 6.20am. He rolled over putting an arm around me telling me that was officially the last night he would sleep next to me!  For every time I moved in bed it woke him and according to him I moved around every 15 minutes.

I think one of the issues now is that the baby is at such a size where there is very little room inside for him/her to move, which make any movement made strong even to wake me.

We had a lovely moment this weekend where Adrian had his hand on my tummy, he sat up in excitement and said he was sure that was an elbow jutting out and moving from right to left!

As you getting closer to your due date the amniotic fluid in the uterus decreases in preparation for birth and making more room for a growing baby. Both reasons mean I can now kind of make a distinction between what part of the baby is doing what as you can kind of feel little arms and legs!

I guess that could sound freaky to some!

While trying to get a good nights sleep……….boy I needed it the weekend had been hectic!

I woke up shrieking and jumped out of bed!

I had cramp in my calf like never before. I am sure Adrian thought I was going into labour.

The initial pain subsided but I could feel it threatening to come back as I tried to stagger to the toilet for the millionth time!

By morning I was tired and weary. I could still feel cramp threatening my calf as I got ready for work.

This was probably just what I needed, I sign to slow down!!!

For the first time since I found out I was pregnant I had to take a seat while the athletes organised themselves. Other then teaching a few drills I managed to position myself in such a way that I could spend the rest of the class seated on a box.

Now that is what I call take it easy!

Back at home I wanted to check if leg cramp was a common affliction of pregnant ladies and what do you know!!!!!!

From the second and third trimester cramp is a common condition which is probably due to nutrients taken by the baby and the pressure on the legs as the weight increases.


I am hoping it doesn’t occur to often as it really did hurt.

So there you have it I have got to 33 weeks and counting.

I have had a very lucky pregnancy, which has meant I can say as active as I have. Some in my gym have watch in amazment as I keep driving through WOD after WOD……… But now my time is coming closer to D Day

A count down can start as I am nearly there and will reward myself for my hard work by officially taking it easy!

(PS. Have you spotted the little foot in the picture? If not take another look!)


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

I have a few weeks remaining

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