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Everyone who knows me knows I like a good party, and just because I am pregnant hasn’t stopped me having the odd night out.

My husband and I met in Minstry Of Sound so it is inevitable that we would still make that our place to go for a night out.

When a good DJ has been one the line up I have made sure I have got a few naps in during the day and had a relaxing day to prepare for a late night.

Some might be raising an eye at clubbing pregnant but if you think about it, now there is a smoking ban it’s not all that bad and although I don’t stay till the wee hours like before a few hours of good music is enough for me before I head home to bed.

As well as Minstry every year I make a date in Clapham over the August Bank Holiday at the SW4 Dance Music Festival.

Checking out the line up this year I wasn’t going to miss out!

If anything this would be easier on me then a Friday night out as it is a day event in the outdoors on hopefully a sunny day?!

So the day of SW4 had arrived and as I did a few hours work in the morning it looked like it was shaping up to be a good day. Arriving home and getting ready, the heavens opened and it poured!

So dressing for bad weather I set off with Adrian for what was going to be my last party for a while.

I was really excited to see my favorite DJ’s Above & Beyond.

Arriving at Clapham the queues were huge easily an hour or more! With a big bump and an urgency to use a toilet I approached the security. On seeing my bump they allowed me to by-pass the queue…phew!

Inside the enclosure the rain had turned the common into a mud slide. I was going to have to hold on to Adrian and tread carefully!

Some people enjoyed the mud making the most of the day!

Mucky Pups
Mucky Pups

I can’t deny my feet were sore but I was determined to see the day out as Above & Beyond were on last.

We found a good spot at the Group Therapy tent where it wasn’t too muddy or crowded. Adrian and friends made sure that everyone gave me plenty of space around me and when people noticed the bump they all wanted to say congratulations, well done and give the bump good luck rub. Many asking if the baby was moving to the music.

I have to admit that Snoopy slept most of the day but at times cut a few good shapes, letting me know he/she was happy.

With the Girls
With the Girls

Sore feet aside the day was awesome, it was lovely to spend the day with Adrian enjoying the music together and the atmosphere. We both know that soon this will all change , which made it important to spend this last party together.

And now for the final act at the Group Therapy tent, my favorite Above & Beyond.

They opened with some classic tunes and made the tent rock. A lady standing near to us was there with her 15 yr old Grandson who she was looking out for and although she wasn’t there for the music I think she enjoyed the great atmosphere and the show that A & B put on.

Only two out of the Trio
Only two out of the Trio

They closed with one of my fave tracks On a Good Day. I sang along with every word and jumped and moved to the beat.

I had made it to the end of the day, tired but very happy I had done it!

Me and My Hubby
Me and My Hubby

Who know’s if I will make it next year…………?????????????

We left just as Underworld -the main stage headliner were playing out to Born Slippy. What a good track to head home to, we stopped for one more boogie before leaving.

I got home with sore feet but one big smile on my face!!!!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach 

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