BLOG Wisdom Teeth and Zzzzzzz’z

I have had a bit of a monstrous weekend and it looks like my week is set to stay that way too.

I woke up Saturday morning for work with a pain at the back of my mouth. I couldn’t work out if I had just bitten the inside of my gums or worse still my wisdom teeth.

I spent all weekend in pain having to eat soft food and generally being grumpy, so Monday afternoon I made an appointment with the dentist.

It was my wisdom teeth. I must be quite wise as this makes it 3 wisdom teeth so far!

I have been given some antibiotics which I am to take if the pain continues. I have been told they will not effect the baby but just to take them if I really need them.

In the long term I will have to have them removed. There is just not enough room in my mouth for 3 more teeth!

For this I have to wait till the baby is born.

As for trying to get in a workout this week so far…..I have slept so much I am going to take a hint from my body and just chill out at home!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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