BLOG The Ultimate Baby Brain

Yesterday I the some chores to do for my husband Adrian at Liverpool Street.

I got myself ready and made my way to the bus stop. It’s one bus ride from my house to Liverpool Street.

Sitting on the bus I was nearly there and starting to feel a little peckish. I wondered how much money I had in my purse for a sandwich.

I opened  my handbag …….uh oh my purse. I had left it at home!!

I had to jump off the bus and head back the way I had came and grab my purse! Doh what a baby brain moment.

At least I could use the toilet at home before setting out again!

Does anyone have a better story then that?????????



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 8th August Getting On With It.

So in the interest of getting through the day I need to get my day fix of Crossfit…..

Not feeling terribly motivated I am going to keep it simple.

After Drilling the Snatches with a PVC I moved on to the WOD

12 Minute Amrap

5 Dumbell Snatches  (alternating R & L each round)  10Kg

6 Ring Dips/Pull ups (alternating each round)

12 Swings (16Kg)

Where your head is makes such a difference! I did 7 rounds, it wasn’t my best performance but I got through it!


BLOG 8th August Not Knowing How to Feel?

I woke up this morning not knowing how to feel? It’s a strange one for me today. I am full of emotion but yet I don’t know how to channel it, so I thought I might try to get myself straight by sharing it………

……….I don’t even know where to start I think my sister put it well on her poem blog.

Tomorrow is the 8th of August
Tomorrow is another day, another year, another moment I have lost with you.
Tomorrow is a reminder that you’re not here and you should be.
It has come around again, too fast to believe.
And still, too long ago was the last time we smiled together.
Tomorrow will be yesterday soon and we will keep moving on.
Forward without you: it’s hard but we try.
Tomorrow is another day, just a day in the long, long year,
Tomorrow will come and go but Muv, your memory is always here.
Caro Dixey 7th August 2011
I am trying my hardest not to get upset because I don’t want my baby to feel how sad I am and I don’t want to cry because that is not what my mum would have wanted.
I am trying to have a normal day and do the things  I would normally do, if I think too much I will surely cry so although a few tear have crept out while writing this post I am going to be the strong young women my mum taught me to be.
Me and my Mum
Me and my Mum


WOD 5th August Squats Squats and More…er Squats!

Steve must have had his Weetabix this morning for the programming for the session this morning was a medley of SQUATS!

On the starting block was the Houston Kettlebell Test…..more kettlebell testing !

This test includes Goblet squats (holding the kb close to the body while you squat) and Swings.

You start at 5 and add a rep for each exercise for each successive minute till you reach 12/15.

It doesn’t really get fun till you start to reach 9,10,11 reps.

If doing multiple Air squats was hard enough adding a bit of weight to it in the form of a kettlebell, it gets that bit harder.

The squat total so far is 64. I stopped the Houston Test at 12.

Just because you can never do enough squats the met con included a whole bunch of squats too.

It went like this .

AMRAP 10 Minutes (as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes)

8 Front Squats 20Kg

8 Wall Push ups

Wall Push Up
Wall Push Up

Following Stevens advice to scale down the push ups, I gave the wall push ups a go. A bit easier on the arms but kinder to my back.

I completed 8 rounds, and funnily that also makes 64 squats.

So the grand total amount of squats for today is 128!

Phew I am all Squatted out!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 4th August Testing Thursday

Rain Rain go away,

Come again another Day, was what I was singing this morning as I woke up to deliver an early morning PT session with Lindsay.

From 7am it poured. Yuck.

It may have been raining but it was still humid and sticky.

Thursday is my usual testing day for my evening classes so after I finished with Lindsay I set up for a good old fashioned bit of hard work.

First on the agenda was a snatch test.

My old scoring on this pre-pregnancy and in the first few months was an impressive 200 snatches with a 12 and 16Kg

Today at just over 8 months pregnant I was struggling to get through the first 5 minutes. It didn’t feel nice and to be fair I nearly gave up!

I used a 12 Kg and slowly pushed through the barrier and scored 130, which I was reasonably happy with.

Next up a spot of Deadlifting.

Warming up with a few sets at light weight I worked up to 75Kg with my hilariously wide stance!

Now for the met con.

This was a 5 Rounder of

The Push Jerk
The Push Jerk

6 Push Jerks

8 Pull ups

12 Sumodeadlift High Pulls

A smiley Sumo
A smiley Sumo

I got through this in 11 minutes and 30 seconds! And used 25Kg.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


BLOG Ante-Natal Classes

There comes a point in your pregnancy when you have to start learning all the practical bits.

This is where Ante-natal classes come into play.

They serve two purposes really and alongside the practical learning bit there is the social aspect where you meet other expectant mothers in and around your area.

Classes generally start at around the 26 week mark, you still have a fair way to go till  you pop and are probably over the initial excitement for you to take in all the mountains of information.

Classes in Tower Hamlets (my borough) are either as a full day session or broken into more manageable 2 hr sessions over 4 weeks.

I am never good at sitting still for too long and neither is Adrian so we opted for the the week by week class.

It almost doesn’t seen possible to get through all the information when you see it written down on the appointment letter and to be honest seeing it all written down in front of you makes it even more real, Ok so I know it’s real as I have a baby belly but I mean the thought of birth and breathing techniques!!!

Sessions are run by a community mid-wive. Our’s was called Ann. A larger then life lady who didn’t beat around the bush when it came to getting the details out. She kind of reminded me of my Mum.

My Adrian and Ann.
My Adrian and Ann.

We covered everything from healthy living to C-sections and pain relief to all sorts of massage techniques.

We had a short break of course in the 2 hr class which over the 4 weeks expanded from 10 minutes to a good 20 minutes as we all sat and gossiped about our experiences.

It is easy in this type of situation to relate to everyone in the group as we were all going through the same things.

One thing is for sure I met some lovely couples who I am sure I will be seeing more of.

A big Thanks to Ann for not sugar coating any of it and having good honest and frank conversations about the reality of what is to come. Adrian and I feel a lot more prepared, thank you.

I also want to wish everyone who took the classes with me the best of luck and hope to see you again soon.

Ante-natal Classes are a must and if your mid-wife hasn’t already referred you make sure to mention them.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


BLOG A ‘Healthy’ Journalist

Yesterday I had a rather unique personal training session to deliver.

Sometime last week I got a message from my boss Andrew at Crossfit London asking if I was available for a session at 3.30.

‘Of course I can’ was my reaction.

Reading the message further I realised it wasn’t just a PT session.

A journalist from Healthy magazine wanted to come down and find out what Crossfit was all about and do a write up.

Andrew proposed that we split the session in half to give an idea of how versatile Crossfit could be.

Andrew representing the over 50’s and Me and the pregnant lady!

During the week  running up to the session Andrew had a few emails from Cheryl (the journalist). From what we could make out Cheryl wasn’t exactly looking forward to working out, she had very little training experience.

This in mind we decided to go gentle on her.

Andrew took the first half of the session, running over the theory side of what Crossfit is and why it is different to other  exercise programs.

Andrew is very good at the talking bit. He always has a few good stories to help explain what is meant.

For the next 15 minutes Cheryl was in my hands.

With a Squat being the key to most of Crossfit’s movements it made sense to work on that.

Teaching Cheryl how to sit down!
Teaching Cheryl how to sit down!

Besides everyone can do with learning the safe technique of sitting and standing!

You may think ‘Huh I know how to do that already’  but as Cheryl found out there is a right and wrong way to do it to get the most out of your body.

Next up Andrew took the floor again to working on pull ups.

Andrew shows a pull up with a band.
Andrew shows a pull up with a band.

We weren’t looking to get Cheryl doing multiple pull ups straight out. We just wanted to show her how we would work towards that.

I think she was pretty cuffed at what she achieved in a short space of time, we may even see her in a class in the future.

We didn’t do anything special with Cheryl just because she was a journalist and writing a piece on us we just did what we would normally do.

The great thing about Crossfit is that it pretty much sells itself.

If you can get results with someone in 20 minutes imagine what you could do with more time!!!

We shall have to see what Cheryl really thought when the article is published.

Thanks Andrew for asking me to help you on this one.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 3rd August Special Treatment

I have to start this post by saying I have the nicest bosses going. When they found out I was pregnant they had nothing but good words for me and have been so supportive, encouraging me to blog my journey and helping me when I needed it.

I just need to also mention Steven, I run the class directly after him at 7.30am Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. I use his earlier programming for the 7.30 class and often (well most/if not everyday) join in myself, numbers and abilities of the group permitting.

For those who have followed my blog will remember that on Friday last week I had instruction from Steven to slow down!!

Of course seeing what was ‘on the board’ meant I felt compelled to do exactly what was on the board (give or take) as physiologically as a crossfitter if that is what it says you have to do then that is what you do!

I don’t think I am alone on that one??

Well Steven having read this post and probably being annoyed that I didn’t listen, got me at my own game!!!

This morning he had written up the class program but along side that was a scaled and altered version for me.

That way I couldn’t argue that it wasn’t on the board and mentally I felt like I had done everything that was asked!

It's on the board!
It's on the board!

Thank You Steven

This is what Steven had me doing………

First up were a few overhead Squats. I played with my grip width (made it narrower as wrists don’t seem to like this anymore!). This is possible for me as I naturally have good shoulder flexibility, don’t try this if you have had trouble in the past.

A few warm up sets followed by 1,1,1.

Narrower Grip
Narrower Grip

Next up a met con………..


Dumbell Squat Cleans 10Kg

Dumbell Press 10Kg

Turkish Sit up 8Kg Kettlebell

Dumbell Press
Dumbell Press

(A Turkish Sit up is part of the turkish get up. This wont work for all as it is a complex move. I am lucky that at my late stage of pregnancy I am not that big! As you have one hip lifted it is also not going to contraindicate the rule of not laying on your back. As you roll/sit up at an angle it wont contraindicate the no sit up rule! Perfect)

The whole workout took just over 10 minutes and totally satisfied my crossfit addiction for the day.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 2 August Jamming with Chris

It has been a few weeks since I have caught up with my mate Chris so after an early morning Personal Training client I jumped in on his class.

The one thing I love about Chris’s class is the mobility side to training. I am being carefully though not to over do any range of movement or hold any stretches for too long.

Music pumping and mobility sorted Chris moved us on to Deadlifts.

Rather then strength though it was more about speed of movement.

Bars were loaded to around 50% of 1RM.

Only one rep with 15 sets.

Speed was key! Push the floor away and extend the hips.

Wow the bump looks big!
Wow the bump looks big!

The met con for today was a combo of snatching, a few burpees and some ring dips.

The hard part was it was AMRAP 20 minutes.

12 Kettlebell snatches

5 Ring dips

2 Burpees

This is getting harder
This is getting harder

I just kept at this at a steady pace.

My steady pace got me 15 round!


BLOG Getting Cramp and Finally Slowing Down.

Last night topped all nights for difficulty sleeping.

Adrian’s alarm went off at 6.20am. He rolled over putting an arm around me telling me that was officially the last night he would sleep next to me!  For every time I moved in bed it woke him and according to him I moved around every 15 minutes.

I think one of the issues now is that the baby is at such a size where there is very little room inside for him/her to move, which make any movement made strong even to wake me.

We had a lovely moment this weekend where Adrian had his hand on my tummy, he sat up in excitement and said he was sure that was an elbow jutting out and moving from right to left!

As you getting closer to your due date the amniotic fluid in the uterus decreases in preparation for birth and making more room for a growing baby. Both reasons mean I can now kind of make a distinction between what part of the baby is doing what as you can kind of feel little arms and legs!

I guess that could sound freaky to some!

While trying to get a good nights sleep……….boy I needed it the weekend had been hectic!

I woke up shrieking and jumped out of bed!

I had cramp in my calf like never before. I am sure Adrian thought I was going into labour.

The initial pain subsided but I could feel it threatening to come back as I tried to stagger to the toilet for the millionth time!

By morning I was tired and weary. I could still feel cramp threatening my calf as I got ready for work.

This was probably just what I needed, I sign to slow down!!!

For the first time since I found out I was pregnant I had to take a seat while the athletes organised themselves. Other then teaching a few drills I managed to position myself in such a way that I could spend the rest of the class seated on a box.

Now that is what I call take it easy!

Back at home I wanted to check if leg cramp was a common affliction of pregnant ladies and what do you know!!!!!!

From the second and third trimester cramp is a common condition which is probably due to nutrients taken by the baby and the pressure on the legs as the weight increases.


I am hoping it doesn’t occur to often as it really did hurt.

So there you have it I have got to 33 weeks and counting.

I have had a very lucky pregnancy, which has meant I can say as active as I have. Some in my gym have watch in amazment as I keep driving through WOD after WOD……… But now my time is coming closer to D Day

A count down can start as I am nearly there and will reward myself for my hard work by officially taking it easy!

(PS. Have you spotted the little foot in the picture? If not take another look!)


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

I have a few weeks remaining