WOD 12th August Taking Timeout

I have taken some well deserved timeout from everything this week.

I have 5 weeks left till D-day and have really felt the exhaustion of it all.

My week has still included teaching early but where as I normally get on with the rest of my day I have felt so tired I have needed a 30 minute nap.

It hasn’t help that I am awake or at least half awake for most of the night!

Although I love working I am looking forward to finishing as it will mean I can lay in bed that little bit longer.

I kind of get the feeling that the baby wont be letting me have too many lie-in’s so I better take advantage of them while I can!

Anyhow after 3 days of no training I decided to fit in a short working out.

It went like this……..


Pistols (the reps were divided between both legs)

Swings (16Kg)

Mid Swing
Mid Swing

Ring Dips

My bum always aches after Pistols but a good ache. (the main picture is of a Pistol (1 leg squat)


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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