WOD 2 August Jamming with Chris

It has been a few weeks since I have caught up with my mate Chris so after an early morning Personal Training client I jumped in on his class.

The one thing I love about Chris’s class is the mobility side to training. I am being carefully though not to over do any range of movement or hold any stretches for too long.

Music pumping and mobility sorted Chris moved us on to Deadlifts.

Rather then strength though it was more about speed of movement.

Bars were loaded to around 50% of 1RM.

Only one rep with 15 sets.

Speed was key! Push the floor away and extend the hips.

Wow the bump looks big!
Wow the bump looks big!

The met con for today was a combo of snatching, a few burpees and some ring dips.

The hard part was it was AMRAP 20 minutes.

12 Kettlebell snatches

5 Ring dips

2 Burpees

This is getting harder
This is getting harder

I just kept at this at a steady pace.

My steady pace got me 15 round!


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