WOD 23rd August Slowest AMRAP Ever!!!!

Woooow a few days away from training and I am slower the ever. Another sign that the end is nigh I think.

I have just under 2 weeks left of work till I put my feet up till the baby is born. I am in two minds of looking forward to this but also not as my mind wants to keep going but my body is saying take it easy.

I have probably fought these urges for as long as I can as today I am sure if anyone watched me train would have thought I was working in slow motion.

Either way I am proud I have kept it up for so long. Who cares how slow I am at this point at least I am still trying!!

So what did I do……..??????

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 20 minutes

10 Push Press 20Kg

10 Swings 16Kg

I love Kettlebell Swinging
I love Kettlebell Swinging

10 Step ups

Very slow step ups!

Very slow step ups!

In 20 minutes at my slow pace I got 9 rounds in.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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