WOD 31st August Easy Does It

Keeping it light I am walking most days instead getting to the gym.

If the baby is sitting in the right position even the walk can feel a little uncomfortable!!!!

Saying that  I am officially full term!  So is it any surprise I am uncomfortable from time to time. It does also mean that the baby could come anytime from now.

I have to say I am very excited mixed with a few nerves. I think nerves are healthy though?!?!?!

Today I did make it for a training session all be it a light one but hey as I have said before at least I am trying!!

Here is what I got up to……….

Blurry Overhead Squats
Blurry Overhead Squats

Overhead Squats

Step Ups

Ring Dips

21-15-9 of each exercise.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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