WOD 5th August Squats Squats and More…er Squats!

Steve must have had his Weetabix this morning for the programming for the session this morning was a medley of SQUATS!

On the starting block was the Houston Kettlebell Test…..more kettlebell testing !

This test includes Goblet squats (holding the kb close to the body while you squat) and Swings.

You start at 5 and add a rep for each exercise for each successive minute till you reach 12/15.

It doesn’t really get fun till you start to reach 9,10,11 reps.

If doing multiple Air squats was hard enough adding a bit of weight to it in the form of a kettlebell, it gets that bit harder.

The squat total so far is 64. I stopped the Houston Test at 12.

Just because you can never do enough squats the met con included a whole bunch of squats too.

It went like this .

AMRAP 10 Minutes (as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes)

8 Front Squats 20Kg

8 Wall Push ups

Wall Push Up
Wall Push Up

Following Stevens advice to scale down the push ups, I gave the wall push ups a go. A bit easier on the arms but kinder to my back.

I completed 8 rounds, and funnily that also makes 64 squats.

So the grand total amount of squats for today is 128!

Phew I am all Squatted out!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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  1. Not long to go now! Thank you for writing the WOD, I find it really interesting and even though I haven’t been good at keeping up the intense exercise this pregnancy it keeps me inspired for getting back into shape afterwards! And the blogs are great too. Hope to see you again soon, either with your lovely bump or the bundle of joy afterwards! Maybe we could have a creche corner at Crossfit?!

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