BLOG Hanging on In There!

I still haven’t had my baby ūüôĀ ¬†As you can see from the photo I have attached.

(Yep that is my tummy and yep you can’t see my toes)

I am getting more uncomfortable by the minute and have now adopted a waddle instead of a walk.

Adrian says I look like a penguin with a big bum! Thanks Darling!

My hands have swollen and my fingers ache, I have acquired a couple more chins as my face has blown up. Great Look!

I have given up any form of training other then walking as I have found my pelvis is moving move. This I am assured is a good sign as it is getting ready.

You may be wondering what I had been doing with myself since my last post…………of course I have been trying out natural methods to bring on birth.

So far nothing has worked but here is a breakdown of my investigations.

  • Sitting with crossed arms gently pushing baby down

This is meant to encourage the baby to stay engaged in the pelvis and push down against the cervix. I feel a little like a Buddha in this position.

For 5 days straight I have consumed an entire Pineapple for dinner.  Something in the digestion of a pineapple is meant to release the chemicals to induce labour.

5 Pineapples down and still no baby.

  • Acupuncture

It is not known why this works in some ladies (obviously not in me) but for some reason it encourages contractions and will leave the mother in a very relaxed state of mind.

Although this hasn’t brought on the baby I will say it has done wonders for my sleeping and a large portion of my time in the last few days since I had my first session has been spent sleeping!


I saw an amazing practitioner called Alison Courtney, who was actually a mid-wife for 29 years before taking up acupuncture. She runs her clinic on Broadway Market at Holistic Health.

I have had 2 sessions with her and have felt amazingly relaxed and reassured by her. Wish she was my mid-wife!

  • Star Jumps

Only kidding ………….but maybe in a couple more days I might resort to this.

There are a few other methods probably the most famous being spicy food and sex.

Spicy food I have been told only works if your digestion is not use to the kick of hot food so not sure that one will work on me as I love my spice and have eaten regularly throughout.

Sex has to be on the¬†basis that it is done at least 8 times in one day! It is hard enough just the once when 41 weeks pregnant I can’t imagine 8 times!!!

Trying things the natural way doesn’t seem to be working for me. Alison said to me this means you are just good at making a baby comfortable in the tummy, it’s a compliment. That is a nice way to put it but I am tired now and want to see my baby.

I think I have waited long enough.

Here’s hoping Snoop is here by the next time I post.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


WOD 20th September Getting to the end.

So officially I am overdue. I was given two due dates and I am slap bang in the middle of them both and still no baby.

Myself I was 2 weeks late, Adrian says that must be why I am so special?? Think he is trying to be funny there?????

I am hoping Snoop isn’t going to leave me hanging much longer as I am really starting to feel it.

Bored of sitting at home I got up this morning to join Chris @ his 8am class.

Training for me at this point is purely to keep the blood pumping and stop me hitting my head against any passing brick walls. I am not the kind of person who could sit around all day long. I crave structure and direction.

On the menu today were Front Squats.

As far as my strength is concerned I am training the move but not the weight.

Baby weight + discomfort + unstable joints = Any weight is hard.

The rep range was same old 5-5-5.

I kept to 50Kg on the bar and had my trusty ball to guide me to the right depth.

The met con for today was probably the hardest I have had in a long time.

Swinging is now a million times harder then you could ever imagine. I have crossed it off my list of things I want to keep doing as it is now incredibly hard on my core. That might seem pretty obvious but up until now I have found it no problem.

Maybe the problem is I don’t notice my bump getting bigger. Adrian assures me it has got bigger daily!

The WOD went like this

AMRAP 20 Minutes
10 Deadlifts @ 50%
25 Swings

I honestly can’t remember how many rounds I got in……..I think about 7.

Believe me when I say this was hard on me.

My goal was to just keep moving for 20 minutes.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach
3 Pull Ups (use as little support as possible)

BLOG Maternity Leave, Broken Computers & Bras

My apologies for the huge gap in my blogging of late.

My poor excuse is a breakdown on the technical front and not that I have had the baby, as some people thought.

I may be able to throw weights around but ask me about RAM or Hard-drives and I am lost. I am what is termed as technically challenged. My quest to blog my pregnancy has in a way improved my computer skills but not that far.

I had to relie on an old friend of mine Zedd, who is forever the King of Computers and from this day forth will be the only person I will trust to fix my lap top. I was just coming to terms with the thought of buying a new one till he rocked up last night.

Thank You again Zedd, your a life saver.

Anyway enough of that, what have I been up too……………

Well Snoopy is still in my tummy and seems to have very little space in there as now when Snoop moves it is very uncomfortable, like Snoop is fighting with my internal organs.

I keep telling he/she that if you want to have more space then you need to come out already!!!!!

Snoop doesn’t seem to want to listen to Mummy…..I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come! But I guess it will happen when he/she is ready.

Not too long I hope.

I can say this though I am starting to tire of sitting indoors ‘nesting’. There is only so much cleaning a person can do!

I am quite a well organised person, which is probably my down fall as far as having time on my hands because I have nothing to do literally.

So what is a girl to do…….I have been pottering, learning new recipes to cook Adrian, very last minute shopping………

My last minute shopping is worth discussing…….. I have two words for you.

Rigby and Peller.

The most amazing bra shop in the world.

If you know about R & P then you will know it’s the place where the Queen gets her bras from.

It’s the kind of shop that when you get fitted the fitters just look at you and know what size you are.

To highlight how bad a fitting can be while out shopping I looked in Mothercare for a Nursing Bra. They fitted me as a 38D.

The bra’s fitted terribly I thought this can’t be right, so I called my pal Tracey who works at the Kings Road.

At first she laughed and then she told me to get down to her for a proper fitting.

And boy am I glad I went to the professionals…..Tracey had me in a 32F which fitted like a dream.

She was able to explain how and why the bra should fit. Perfect.

Rigby & Peller isn’t where I would normally go as the bras are high-end bras some costing ¬£100, way out of my budget but to find out a true size is worth popping in and speaking to the ladies.

I have to say I am a lucky lucky gal as with Tracey’s discount I was actually able to treat myself to one of the bras.

Just like the Queen
Just like the Queen

I at least know it fits me perfectly and may just leave me feeling as special as the Queen.

Thanks Tracey.

As far as training goes I did pop into Colin’s Saturday class. To see what I got up to check out……..

Saturday SuperMum

So other then the above I haven’t been up to too be honest I have been to tired.

Here’s hoping Snoopy doesn’t take too long.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

WOD 4th September Late Posting Oooops

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I have a pretty good excuse though……………

Andrew took a video for me and kindly posted it on YouTube for me.

The 4th was a Saturday and meant I was jumping into one of Phil’s classes after finishing up with a Pt client.

Phil is also leaving Crossfit London but more permanently as he is heading back to Canada. He will be missed but we hope will keep in touch.

The work for today was a healthy dose of Front Squats as we are starting a new cycle we have switched from overhead to front.

It’s prob a mixture of tiredness and pregnancy but my strength feels like it is purposely limiting me, this is prob a good thing though.

We did 4 sets of 5 and while others were cleaning the bar into a rack as I got heavier I used the rack as I didn’t feel I wanted to clean a heavy weight near my bump.

The WOD for today was a body weight wod, an amrap of 15 minutes. We were chasing 10 rounds which Phil had got while he tested the workout.

It went like this

3 Pull ups

6 Ring Dips

12 Squats

I managed 12 rounds. I would like to add that I can’t wait to train when I have lost this baby weight for I am sure I will be flying through pull ups with no band !!

And now for the video.

I want to finish by adding that while some ladies kip through pregnancy I personally feel that it is too much on the joints in relationship to the relaxin hormone which by this point of pregnancy is at its highest level.

Pull ups with a band are fine but in my experience don’t allow yourself to strain through any reps. Use whatever band is needed and worry about them after your baby is born.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

BLOG My Amazing Crossfit London Crew

If you were out in Bethnal Greens Gardens yesterday you would have seen a strange sight running through the gardens.

You would have been lucky enough to see 16 or so Crossfit members running a 400m dash with back packs strapped to their tummys, panting and puffing as they tried to imagine they were pregnant.

They hadn’t been struck down with madness it was in fact my leaving WOD or the ‘Baby WOD’ as it was nicknamed.

I wanted to say a proper goodbye to everyone who had supported me over the 9 months a thought it only fair that they should experience a bit of what it has been like for me while training pregnant.

The WOD I choose for the day was based on the idea of highlighting some of the issues that arise with a changing body.

The rules went like this…..

A back pack was to be attached to the front with some kind of pillow or stuffing inside.

Strapping Chris in
Strapping Chris in

Added to that was a minimum weight required, either adding 5-10Kg depending on the athlete.

The pack had to be secured in place with some kind of strap to prevent excess movement .

I have to say there were some amazing bumps going on. I was very proud of them.

The workout in question was:

Start with a 400m dash.

Followed by

21-15-9 reps of each



Push ups

Finish with a 400m dash.

Most of the picture of the WOD

Good Job Andrew! Whoop
Good Job Andrew! Whoop
Phil used a sand bag as a bump..heavy!
Phil used a sand bag as a bump..heavy!
Swings-Squats and Push ups
Swings-Squats and Push ups

Phew it actually turned out to be quite a hot day even though it had rain the air was very humid and by the end of the WOD we were all sweating a bucket.

I think for most of the athletes it was the restriction to breathing that effected them the most and surprised them but as I pointed out to them the baby by this point is compressing up against the lungs in such a way that breathing is quite¬†labored and although I wouldn’t run regularly the odd 400m dash does no harm.

Because we are not all about training training training we started up the BBQ and got some burgers on the go and beers for the non pregnant people and got on with less tiring activities like have a good gossip and chat.

We finished up the day with a healthy sugar rush curtsy of Kirsty, who had arranged a wonderful cake, which needs a huge mention as it not only looked amazing but was delicious!


Thank You to everyone who came I had an amazing day and was spoilt rotten by you with some lovely gifts. I can’t wait to dress the baby up in some of the baby grows I have been given.

Snoopy will look dead cute in these
Snoopy will look dead cute in these

I hope not to be away too long, in the mean time I might pop up in the odd class to shift the baby weight gained.

Thanks Again to my Amazing Crossfit London Crew.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach



WOD 2nd September Getting my Fix

It wont be long till I will have my hands full with dirty nappies so while I still have energy I will get my Crossfit Fix!


Today I took the program from the 7.30 class and adjusted it to something I could manage.

I can’t expect to be able to do the same as everyone else, I think I made a good compromise.

Here’s what I did………….

500m Row to start followed by…

3 Rounds of

5 Pull ups

15 Push ups

25 Squats

Hard work Push ups!
Hard work Push ups!

Finishing with another 500m Row

Rowing is only something I would advise for someone who has done rowing before pregnancy.

It took me 14 minutes to complete.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach