BLOG Hanging on In There!

I still haven’t had my baby ūüôĀ ¬†As you can see from the photo I have attached.

(Yep that is my tummy and yep you can’t see my toes)

I am getting more uncomfortable by the minute and have now adopted a waddle instead of a walk.

Adrian says I look like a penguin with a big bum! Thanks Darling!

My hands have swollen and my fingers ache, I have acquired a couple more chins as my face has blown up. Great Look!

I have given up any form of training other then walking as I have found my pelvis is moving move. This I am assured is a good sign as it is getting ready.

You may be wondering what I had been doing with myself since my last post…………of course I have been trying out natural methods to bring on birth.

So far nothing has worked but here is a breakdown of my investigations.

  • Sitting with crossed arms gently pushing baby down

This is meant to encourage the baby to stay engaged in the pelvis and push down against the cervix. I feel a little like a Buddha in this position.

For 5 days straight I have consumed an entire Pineapple for dinner.  Something in the digestion of a pineapple is meant to release the chemicals to induce labour.

5 Pineapples down and still no baby.

  • Acupuncture

It is not known why this works in some ladies (obviously not in me) but for some reason it encourages contractions and will leave the mother in a very relaxed state of mind.

Although this hasn’t brought on the baby I will say it has done wonders for my sleeping and a large portion of my time in the last few days since I had my first session has been spent sleeping!


I saw an amazing practitioner called Alison Courtney, who was actually a mid-wife for 29 years before taking up acupuncture. She runs her clinic on Broadway Market at Holistic Health.

I have had 2 sessions with her and have felt amazingly relaxed and reassured by her. Wish she was my mid-wife!

  • Star Jumps

Only kidding ………….but maybe in a couple more days I might resort to this.

There are a few other methods probably the most famous being spicy food and sex.

Spicy food I have been told only works if your digestion is not use to the kick of hot food so not sure that one will work on me as I love my spice and have eaten regularly throughout.

Sex has to be on the¬†basis that it is done at least 8 times in one day! It is hard enough just the once when 41 weeks pregnant I can’t imagine 8 times!!!

Trying things the natural way doesn’t seem to be working for me. Alison said to me this means you are just good at making a baby comfortable in the tummy, it’s a compliment. That is a nice way to put it but I am tired now and want to see my baby.

I think I have waited long enough.

Here’s hoping Snoop is here by the next time I post.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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  1. Hang on in there, I’m also now a week late (unusual for the second baby), it is tough, I just want it all to kick off! Hopefully by now things have started for you?!! Raspberry leaf tea is another ‘remedy’ but I haven’t found this to be successful either…

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