BLOG Maternity Leave, Broken Computers & Bras

My apologies for the huge gap in my blogging of late.

My poor excuse is a breakdown on the technical front and not that I have had the baby, as some people thought.

I may be able to throw weights around but ask me about RAM or Hard-drives and I am lost. I am what is termed as technically challenged. My quest to blog my pregnancy has in a way improved my computer skills but not that far.

I had to relie on an old friend of mine Zedd, who is forever the King of Computers and from this day forth will be the only person I will trust to fix my lap top. I was just coming to terms with the thought of buying a new one till he rocked up last night.

Thank You again Zedd, your a life saver.

Anyway enough of that, what have I been up too……………

Well Snoopy is still in my tummy and seems to have very little space in there as now when Snoop moves it is very uncomfortable, like Snoop is fighting with my internal organs.

I keep telling he/she that if you want to have more space then you need to come out already!!!!!

Snoop doesn’t seem to want to listen to Mummy…..I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come! But I guess it will happen when he/she is ready.

Not too long I hope.

I can say this though I am starting to tire of sitting indoors ‘nesting’. There is only so much cleaning a person can do!

I am quite a well organised person, which is probably my down fall as far as having time on my hands because I have nothing to do literally.

So what is a girl to do…….I have been pottering, learning new recipes to cook Adrian, very last minute shopping………

My last minute shopping is worth discussing…….. I have two words for you.

Rigby and Peller.

The most amazing bra shop in the world.

If you know about R & P then you will know it’s the place where the Queen gets her bras from.

It’s the kind of shop that when you get fitted the fitters just look at you and know what size you are.

To highlight how bad a fitting can be while out shopping I looked in Mothercare for a Nursing Bra. They fitted me as a 38D.

The bra’s fitted terribly I thought this can’t be right, so I called my pal Tracey who works at the Kings Road.

At first she laughed and then she told me to get down to her for a proper fitting.

And boy am I glad I went to the professionals…..Tracey had me in a 32F which fitted like a dream.

She was able to explain how and why the bra should fit. Perfect.

Rigby & Peller isn’t where I would normally go as the bras are high-end bras some costing £100, way out of my budget but to find out a true size is worth popping in and speaking to the ladies.

I have to say I am a lucky lucky gal as with Tracey’s discount I was actually able to treat myself to one of the bras.

Just like the Queen
Just like the Queen

I at least know it fits me perfectly and may just leave me feeling as special as the Queen.

Thanks Tracey.

As far as training goes I did pop into Colin’s Saturday class. To see what I got up to check out……..

Saturday SuperMum

So other then the above I haven’t been up to too be honest I have been to tired.

Here’s hoping Snoopy doesn’t take too long.

Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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  1. Ahh Thanks babe for the lovely feedback. I enjoy what I do and it’s even better when I can share it with my friends. Take care of yourself and that precious bump and i’ll see ya real soon. Mwahs. xXxXx

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