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If you were out in Bethnal Greens Gardens yesterday you would have seen a strange sight running through the gardens.

You would have been lucky enough to see 16 or so Crossfit members running a 400m dash with back packs strapped to their tummys, panting and puffing as they tried to imagine they were pregnant.

They hadn’t been struck down with madness it was in fact my leaving WOD or the ‘Baby WOD’ as it was nicknamed.

I wanted to say a proper goodbye to everyone who had supported me over the 9 months a thought it only fair that they should experience a bit of what it has been like for me while training pregnant.

The WOD I choose for the day was based on the idea of highlighting some of the issues that arise with a changing body.

The rules went like this…..

A back pack was to be attached to the front with some kind of pillow or stuffing inside.

Strapping Chris in
Strapping Chris in

Added to that was a minimum weight required, either adding 5-10Kg depending on the athlete.

The pack had to be secured in place with some kind of strap to prevent excess movement .

I have to say there were some amazing bumps going on. I was very proud of them.

The workout in question was:

Start with a 400m dash.

Followed by

21-15-9 reps of each



Push ups

Finish with a 400m dash.

Most of the picture of the WOD

Good Job Andrew! Whoop
Good Job Andrew! Whoop
Phil used a sand bag as a bump..heavy!
Phil used a sand bag as a bump..heavy!
Swings-Squats and Push ups
Swings-Squats and Push ups

Phew it actually turned out to be quite a hot day even though it had rain the air was very humid and by the end of the WOD we were all sweating a bucket.

I think for most of the athletes it was the restriction to breathing that effected them the most and surprised them but as I pointed out to them the baby by this point is compressing up against the lungs in such a way that breathing is quite labored and although I wouldn’t run regularly the odd 400m dash does no harm.

Because we are not all about training training training we started up the BBQ and got some burgers on the go and beers for the non pregnant people and got on with less tiring activities like have a good gossip and chat.

We finished up the day with a healthy sugar rush curtsy of Kirsty, who had arranged a wonderful cake, which needs a huge mention as it not only looked amazing but was delicious!


Thank You to everyone who came I had an amazing day and was spoilt rotten by you with some lovely gifts. I can’t wait to dress the baby up in some of the baby grows I have been given.

Snoopy will look dead cute in these
Snoopy will look dead cute in these

I hope not to be away too long, in the mean time I might pop up in the odd class to shift the baby weight gained.

Thanks Again to my Amazing Crossfit London Crew.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach



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