BLOG And a Baby was born….at Last!

And so it’s happened I am a Mum and Adrian a proud Dad to our baby boy Sebastian David Buliga.

He is perfect in every way.

In true blog style I will now relay in some detail the events that took place.

Sebastian made a very dramatic entry and if not just for my benefit I am going to try to put behind me the experience by putting it into words.

(If you are faint of heart then maybe just scroll down to view the pictures of my precious little man)

Where to begin?????

On Friday September 30th I went to the Birth Centre for my check up. My baby was running late, which meant I needed the midwife to see how things were getting along.

Things seemed all good and when she listened to his heart it sounded very strong. I mentioned to her that Snoop’s movement pattern had changed quite dramatically in the last week.

To put my mind at ease she called the hospital at Whitechapel and arranged for them to monitor his movements.

So off I waddled to Whitechapel.

I am like most people, I can’t stand the smell of hospital and find I sit there fidgeting till I am able to leave.

The waiting room was busy I was in for a wait.

An hour later my name was called, I was attached to a CTG machine which is able to measure the baby’s heartbeat and the rate of contractions.

Once strapped in I was left to count the ceiling tiles.

30 minutes went by and the mid-wife came back to check on me. As she looked at the print out she looked less then happy with the results. “We are just going to leave it a bit longer Mrs Buliga”

So back to tile counting I went…….

Another 30 minutes and she was back. Again she didn’t look happy. I asked her what seemed to be wrong and she explained that for some reason my baby’s heart kept dropping at intervals that were not normal behavior.

She left me there for another 30 minutes and this time instead of counting tiles I began to get worried. Wondering what might be going on in my tummy.

For the last time she came into check on me and this time with a doctor. It was her turn to look over my baby’s heart beat.

As she looked over the page I felt a tears welling in my eyes. I wish Adrian was with me. I tried to fight them back as I waited for her to speak to me.

She explained to me that during the hour and a half on the CTG machine my baby had at regular interval had a significant drop in the heart beat. It was enough of a drop for them to be concerned with and decided that I was to be admitted to the labour ward.

Either way I was going to have my baby very soon.

Left by myself in the cubicle I allowed the tears to fall and called Adrian. I knew I was in the best place but it didn’t stop me from worrying like crazy.

It would be at least 2 hours before Adrian could reach me and although the nurses and mid-wives were lovely I could really do with Adrian by my side.

Friday evening arrived and I was settled in to the ward. Adrian was there to keep me company and my nerves seemed to settle as the baby seemed to be doing ok after the panic of earlier.

Despite the improvement the doctors had decided to induce the baby.

The first step toward this was to place a gel inside which would encourage my body to go into labour.

With the gel in place I was left for it to do it’s magic.

I explained earlier that I hate hospitals so you can imagine throughout the night I did a lot of tile counting!

Time dragged but come morning I was ready for the action.

9am arrived and it was time to see if the gel had done it’s stuff.

It had been a long night so you can imagine my disappointment when the doctor said how little movement had happened.

The next step was to see if the doctor could break my waters herself.

Now for a graphic detail.

They used what can only be described as a long knitting needle with a hook. This is inserted inside and used to hook and burst the sack surrounding the baby.

Not a pleasant experience I can tell you for sure!!!

Within minutes of the waters breaking I was experiencing contractions!! and boy could they be strong.

I wouldn’t say they were painful more uncomfortable.

Adrian was my rock. Helping me to stay calm and breathing with me. Finally I was hoping we were getting somewhere.

7 hours later it was time for another check.

OMG! No real change was the response I got from the doctor! Ahhhhhhhh all those contractions and nowhere closer.

On to the next step. An intravenous drip with a drug that will bring on the labour but also make the contractions 100% more intense.

The doctors strongly recommended at this point to have an epidural. This would make me more comfortable and probably help me to sleep. It was important I got some sleep as when the labour fully kicks in I would need the energy.

I agreed but I gotta say the thought of an epidural was more scary then labour.

I was left with the drip in my left hand and told I would be checked over in 4 hours time.

Feeling a bit more relaxed about everything I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I had a midwife monitoring me around the clock and with the CTG machine still attached I knew I was in safe hands.

Being a very light sleeper I didn’t sleep long and woke hoping the 4 hours had gone by……… such luck still 2 hours to go.

With Adrian asleep I started chatting with my midwife Violet a lovely lady with a crazy personality, always trying to make me laugh.

She told me that the baby had been very well behaved and everything was going well.

We whiled away another hour and then all of a sudden the CTG started to go crazy. Snoopy was in trouble again.

Violet called the doctor to take a look.

Ok he said, baby has been good all day maybe Sally is dehydrated. Let’s get a saline drip in.

More tubes coming out of me!!

30 more minutes chatting away with Violet meant that it was time for staff change over. I was sorry to see her go, times goes quicker when you have someone like her around.

Mabel was my new midwife. A bit more serious then Violet but still lovely.

It wasn’t long before Violet had left when Baby started to misbehave again. The heartbeat dropped from 160 to a worrying 70bpm.

I can’t tell you how worrying it is to be laying there knowing your baby is in distress and you can’t do anything about it. You feel so helpless.

The doctors were called again.

This time they decided to check out how far along the intravenous drug had got me………….I held my breath for her response.

1 cm was all we had got! I felt exhausted at the prospect of more hours waiting, especially as things were moving so slowly.

The doctor decided to up the dose of the drug and leave me for another 4 hours.

Back to the waiting game………….

Within minutes of her leaving and the drug dose increasing I felt an almighty surge. If you think I was on an epidural and shouldn’t have felt a thing, that gives you an idea how strong the contraction was.

I was writhing around on the bed, sweat pouring from my body. It seemed to go on forever.

Worse still my baby’s heartbeat dropped again and this time to around 50bpm.

The doctors were called, Adrian woke to see everyone rushing around and me in the bed tears now pouring down my cheeks.

I have never been more scared in my life.

The minutes ticked by slowly, the doctor and midwife disagreeing that the baby would recover we just had to wait………

Wait I didn’t want to wait any longer I just wanted my baby out. Something was clearly not right Snoop needed help.

By the time we got to 4 minutes the midwife said quite sternly to the doctor “you have to get the baby out, you can’t wait any longer”

It was then that nurses and doctors started tearing the CTG machine off my tummy and wheeling me through the corridors to theatre. I had enough time to ask Adrian to call my Dad.

By this point I was a mess, my cheeks were hot from the tears streaming from my eyes.

An oxygen mask was pushed over my nose and mouth. I was trying to ask how my baby was but everyone was too busy rushing around.

A nurse started speaking into my left ear informing me of the risks, what will happen and that I might die. I then had to sign my life away on a disclaimer form. I could barely hold the pen as they had started pumping more drugs into my body.

I just about managed to print my name like a 4yr old.

A screen was put up covering my lower body. I had never had an operation in my life, let alone one where I was going to be wake. Of-course I couldn’t feel my lower body!

Finally Adrian was by my side in a set of hospital scrubs. Stroking my hair and telling me it would be alright.

The nurse started to talk to me again. “Sally we are going to start, if you feel anything sharp let me know”

It was the strangest sensation in the world. Like they were doing the washing up in my tummy!

It was the nurse again “Sally the baby is about to come out”

The next thing I heard was the sound of my baby crying. It was the most amazing sound in the world.

The baby was taken to a crib and wiped over while they stitched me together again. I looked over and saw a little hand reaching up from between the blankets as if to say Hello.

The midwife called to Adrian to let him see what sex the baby was.

“A boy, We got a son” He came over to me and kissed my forehead.

What an experience!!!!

After about 5 minutes the midwife brought him over to me and placed his naked little body on my chest with a towel across us both. He was perfect.

I stared down at him as he stared up at my looking at each other for the first time was the most awesome feeling I have ever felt. A giant wave of love surged over me. I was smitten.

All stitched up they wheeled me into the corridor. The first faces I saw were of my Dad and sister smiling at us both.

In the hospital room my family gathered around my bed and took in the beautiful baby laying in my arms. I could see they were just as smitten as I was.

The final cherry on the top of the cake was that Sebastian was born on my mothers birthday. A beautiful thing to celebrate on a day when we would be missing her the most. It was almost like she was with us.

I can’t thank the staff at the Royal enough. They were amazing. Things may not have gone to plan but at the end of the day I had my beautiful baby, which is the important thing.

I have to say that my experience of birth was not ideal and I hope next time things go a bit more smoothly.

For now I am going to enjoy every moment with Sebastian and take in every sound and smell and face he pulls.

I have so many photos already!

His first photo
His first photo
My little man
My little man

This post has taken me 12 days to write simply because I can’t take my eyes off my baby. I will be posting again but you will have to forgive me if it’s not daily. I have the best distraction!!

Obviously training is off the menu for at least 6 weeks. So posts will be the first 6 weeks of my sons life.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach




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