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I better set it straight from the start, it is Adrian that has gone back to work.

This week has been my first week with Sebastian alone.

It has been a week where we have been getting ourselves into a little routine, getting use to being a house-wife.

But that didn’t go with out it’s hicups.

I am sure that on some cosmic level he knew I was on my own. With out Adrian here to run around for me I was having to juggle all the chores of the day.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but when Sebastian has been use to mummy holding him and playing with him most of the day he found it hard to understand why I had to rest him in his moses basket while I run around putting things back into there places, expressing milk , cleaning the daily pile of washing we are accumulating, changing dirty nappies and feeding the baby.

At some point I have to find time to feed myself!!

After a bit of a battle on Monday and Tuesday he has realised in life you have to give and take and while I keep telling him Mummy is never going to leave him he still gives out a little cry if I don’t let him know I am still there.

Overall though he is a good little boy and day by day we are getting to know each other.

I have of course been thinking about how to attack training after I am given the all clear from the doctors.

A C section throws everything I had originally planned out of the window.

I am a lot more fragile then I was expecting. I guess I had no real concept of the severity of the operation.

At the time all you are thinking about is the safe delivery of your baby.

The more I have thought about it the more I wanted to see the reality of what happened, if you are not aware I should let you know that they put up a screen to prevent you from seeing anything of the operation.

So I logged on to old faithful……..Google and searched for a video of the op. I wasn’t disappointed.

Watching the video and the doctor explaining all the layers cut and the process I was hit with how serious an operation I actually had.

No wonder I was so sore still.  It’s not like I did a harsh WOD and can bounce back in a day or two.

Returning to training is going to be a process……….

Where to begin?

I have started to make mental notes how my body is feeling.

My posture is the first on my list for a few reasons.

Breast feeding and holding the baby has made me feel a lot more hunched and sore in the shoulders.

The weakness in my core has added to this hunched position I now find myself in.

Hips are tight and feel shorter, especially noticeable when I lay on my side. Probably due to posture during pregnancy.

Funnily the arches in my feet feel compromised. This has meant I don’t fit a lot of the shoes I used to wear. This is down to weight carried during pregnancy.

Finally I need to build myself up slowly. For example during the last 3 weeks I have had a few ventures out, mainly to get coffee and on occasion when I have tried a slightly longer route or have attempted to run the hoover around the flat I have been left feeling like I have been stabbed through my tummy.

When I take all this into consideration I think it is silly of me to try and return to Crossfit after the 6 weeks is up.  I know myself I will be too tempted to go full pelt.

I need to start with something light……………I am reminded of last year when I was injured and while recovering I stopped Crossfitting and took up Pilates for a few weeks to build up and give myself a few weeks at a different pace.

It worked a treat.

So this is my starting point.

Still in my 6 week recovery though I will have to wait till then to get started but at least I have a plan.

In the mean time running around after my little angel will be all the hard work I need.

(I have had a one or two of my Crossfit Crew up to see us. I am putting them all on the baby sitting list as they are all naturals. – Thanks for coming to see me guys)

Brie -Thanks for the Spag Bol
Brie -Thanks for the Spag Bol
Aunty Kirsty - she can teach him all things Liverpool
Aunty Kirsty - she can teach him all things Liverpool
Simon you can teach Snoop to jump very high!
Simon you can teach Snoop to jump very high!
Make my baby Strong please Chris!
Make my baby Strong please Chris!


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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