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I must have said this a hundred times while blogging that the human body is such an amazing machine.

All the way through pregnancy to think I was nourishing and making my baby is awesome but even after birth the body continues to surprise me.

Let me explain…..

One of the worrying things as a pregnant women is how your body will look and feel after birth.

“What will the state of my tummy be like?”

How can it possibly go back to it’s previous size when you look at how big it gets?

Although you naturally lose a lot of the bulk because of course you have given birth to your baby, which is making most of the size. The baby lives in your uterus, which by is now the size of a water melon.

How is that going to shrink?

Well your body has that covered.

In a word Breast Feeding!

Everyone knows breast is best for the baby but for the mother as well, for when your baby starts to suckle on you it tells the uterus to start contracting back to it’s original size.

How awesome is that!!!

I am not going lie to begin with the contractions are so strong you have to swear under your breath as your little one feeds but OMG is it worth it.

I was kept in hospital for 3 days because of the c-section I had. It meant I was on a ward with 5 other ladies. I was the only one who was breast feeding and I was the only one who didn’t still look pregnant!

I understand they had reasons not to breast feed, some find it too hard and if I am honest I found it hard and at times frustrating for both me and Sebastian but with persistence I was able to master the technique and I can now say I really enjoy the moments we share while feeding him.

Probably the biggest incentive to breast feed is that it is a workout in it’s own right.

Feeding and producing milk burns 500 cals!!

Weight is dropping off.

I only had my baby 15 days ago but already it is noticeable how much has been lost.

If you can breast feed you must!

More benefits of breast feeding…………

  • Less hassle as no need to make up bottles or sterilize kit.
  • Your milk is perfectly balanced and at the right temperature for your baby.
  • It is free!! Formula costs at least £45 quid a month (that’s a nice massage in my books)
  • You will never forget to pack when you travel.
  • Babies are healthier with less wind, diarrhea and constipation.
  • Baby is less likely to over feed.
  • Lower rates of obesity as they develop.

If you do live in my area (Tower Hamlets) There is an awesome support team who will visit your home and help you with feeding. All you need to do is give them a call.

Now for the reveal.

This is a shot of my tummy 2 days ago.

Let me first explain that the funny looking pouch of skin is where the doctors performed the c-section. It is still a bit swollen and tender and although my tummy is looking kind of normal it doesn’t feel like it use to.

I am only 2 weeks into recovery, I need to be fair to myself and sit back and let my body mend itself.

Tummy is getting there!
Tummy is getting there!

This next picture is taken today. As you can see the swelling has gone down and tummy looking flatter.

I am sure its all down to exercise and breast feeding!

Happy Tummy
Happy Tummy



Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach




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