BLOG Things I Miss……….or Not

This post is just a bit of fun as I look back at my pregnancy and at some of the changes that occur that I didn’t even really acknowledge but now kind of miss or don’t miss…………..

Things that will be missed…..

  • Seats being offered on public transport.

  • Eating what ever I want when I want and not feeling guilty.
  • Impulsive requests to Adrian. E.g I fancy some pork scratchings….go to the shops pls…!
  • The beautiful glossy just stepped out of a salon look that hormones give your hair.

Things I wont miss…………
  • Living in Maxi dresses and leggings.
  • Constant need for the toilet.

  • Heart burn!
  • Waddling.
  • Not being able to make the towel reach all the way round me.
  • Trying to pick things up from the floor and then taking an age to get back up.
  • Not being able to tie my shoes up!
  • Not seeing my feet or being able to reach my toes to paint them.
  • Pregnancy Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say that some pregnant women really miss their bumps so much that it can cause depression! A bit extreme in my books as my list of don’t misses is far longer.
And honestly missing a bump when you have your beautiful baby in your arms doesn’t seem quite right.
I guess If you miss it that much just get pregnant again! ..or is that a Jeremy Kyle show title I hear????????
Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach

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