BLOG Post-Natal Action

I am finally ready for action. I am fighting fit and in the flow of being Mum that I am ready to start looking at my recovery in more detail.

It has been 8 weeks since my C Section and as per my plan I called to book into a Pilates class. Knowing I had to take things really easy.

I informed the teacher of my history to which her face kind of dropped. She still allowed me to continue with the class but I could tell she wasn’t loving it.

At the end of the hour session that I had been so looking forward to she came and had a quiet word with me.

In a nut shell she didn’t want me coming back to the class! When I asked her why she couldn’t really give me a great answer only that she didn’t want to injury me further and that I should be resting until at least 12 weeks.

What 12 Weeks? Was she mad, I couldn’t sit around for another 4 weeks. I was starting to get restless feet!

Fair play to her though if she didn’t feel confident with me in her class then so be it.

Thinking about what I could do for myself to scratch my itch, I decided to start a light jogging route when Adrian was home from work and able to watch the baby.

I decided that 15 minutes was more then enough to start me off on and with a route in mind I set off.

Half way through and I was really feeling it in my legs. Not in a tired sense but the imbalances I had acquired from the pregnancy.

My hips felt like they were on fire and my calves were steaming too!

I finished my 15 minutes thankful it was over!!!

Back in the flat I had a good stretch. I was hoping that this would feel better the next time I went out for my jog.

I gave myself a days rest and off I went again, this time determined to do 2 laps.

Again my legs were so sore I could just manage a snail pace jog, and with heavy legs I even stacked over my own feet as I got to the end of the second lap. I have a couple of nice looking scabs on my hands to prove it.

Again a good stretch after.

I was clearly in more of a mess then I had expected and if Pilates wouldn’t have me then I would have to do something about it myself.

(I have to add that Pilates was my lazy option to recovery, I really wanted a hour to myself to just switch off a bit from having to think.)

So this in mind my plan of action has changed.

Twice a week I will still have my jog (It’s good to blow out the cobwebs)

But instead of Pilates I am going to take things back tot he beginning with my Crossfit and look at my drills of the fundamental moves with a PVC/wooden broom handle.

I think my first stop is Squats, squats and more squats!

So you will find me now back at the Box in Bethnal Green on a Sundays working on my recovery, and if you see me with a PVC don’t be fooled into thinking I am not one strong chick.

I am but for now I am undercover working on my virtuosity.


Sally Dixey is a Crossfit London Coach


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